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Full WWE Tough Enough 2011 Cast Revealed

WWE Tough Enough returnsThe full WWE Tough Enough cast has finally been revealed. The Tough Enough website lists the names of contestants along with bios and pictures. The 11 wrestler cast of WWE hopefuls is comprised of a reality television star, a Miss USA, an MMA fighter, and a few independent pro wrestlers.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will host the return of the reality show beginning April 4 on the USA Network. One of the eleven contestants will win a WWE contract. Trish Stratus, Bill DeMott, and Booker T will act as trainers on the show with various appearances of WWE superstars sprinkled in throughout the season.

[adinserter block=”2″] Here is a brief summary of the eleven Tough Enough contestants along with bio information from the Tough Enough website. It is important to note that most of the competitors have some previous pro wrestling experience.

Ariane Andrew – “The 23 -year -old Ariane is the quintessential Valley Girl. What Ariane lacks in wrestling experience she makes up for with bubbly charm.” It appears that Ariane has no previous pro wrestling training which puts her in the minority.

Martin Casaus – “Martin, 26, is a stockbroker and independent wrestler hailing from West Jordan, Utah. He gained his experience wresting for six and a half years on the independent circuit. He is also co -owner of Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero, a promotion and wrestling school.”

Matt Capiccioni – “Matt, 30, is an independent wrestler with nine years of independent circuit experience from Brecksville, Ohio. ” Matt may be better known to indy wrestling fans as Matt Cross or M Dogg 20. Matt has wrestled in most of the high profile independent pro wrestling groups like XPW, CZW, ROH, and in 2009 on Hulk Hogan’s Australia tour.

On a side note, I called a lot of Matt’s matches in CZW and I think he is very talented. I am certainly pulling for him as I always found him to be one of the most talented wrestlers not signed to a WWE contract. He is a high flyer with a lot of unique moves and can hang with the best of them.

Christina Crawford – Christina, 22, is the sister of Alicia Fox and a former FCW Diva.

Michelle Deighton – “This 25 -year -old day care teacher from Terre Haute, Indiana, hopes to become a WWE Diva to fulfill a dream she has had since the age of 14. She loves the road lifestyle, living out of a suitcase and traveling.”

More importantly, Michelle was a former competitor on America’s Next Top Model and is married to former Survivor and TNA Wrestling personality Johnny Fairplay. Michelle does have previous wrestling experience.

Rima Fakih – “Rima is Miss USA 2010. The 25 -year -old hails from Dearborn, Michigan where she received a BA in Economics and BA in Business Management from University of Michigan.”

Spoiler Alert Rima has recently been tweeting on her Twitter account which would lead most to believe that she is no longer in the competition since it is currently filming.

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Ryan Howe – “This 23 -year -old aspiring musician and independent wrestler hails from Hebron, Indiana” Ryan was trained by the great Tracy Smothers. If Matt doesn’t win I am pulling for Ryan with hopes of a Smothers’ appearance during the acceptance.

Ryan wrestles on the indy scene as “The Rock ‘n Rebel” Diamond Steel.

A.J. Kirsch – “A.J., 27, has been wrestling on the independent circuit for five years.”

Andy Leavine – “This 6’5″ giant hails from Brooksville, Florida where he had four years of high school varsity wrestling experience with a record of over 90 wins. The 23 -year -old former football player has a mere six months of independent wrestling experience. Starting over 40 games as an offensive lineman for Florida International University, Andy holds the school’s power clean record of 365 lbs.”

I have to imagine that his former experience as a high level college football player gives him an edge, although injuries could be the killer here.

Jeremiah Riggs – ” He has six years of training as an MMA Fighter with a record of seven wins and five losses, fighting with UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator. He is trying to become the first legitimate MMA fighter to crossover into WWE.”

Riggs was briefly on The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 but lost his preliminary fight. That would make him the first person to ever compete in both TUF and Tough Enough to my knowledge. “He is trying to become the first legitimate MMA fighter to crossover into WWE.” Has the WWE completely erased Ken Shamrock from the history books? Dan Severn?

Mickael Zacki – “Mickael, 26, is an unemployed WWE hopeful hailing from Jersey City, NJ. He has lived the 9 to 5 lifestyle and hated every second of it.”

[adinserter block=”1″]Luke Robinson – “Luke, 26, is a Personal Trainer from Auburn, Maine with five years of independent circuit experience. Luke proved his athleticism as captain of his high school’s varsity soccer, hockey and baseball teams, competing all four years, before moving on to getting his BA in Business Administration from University of Southern Maine. ”

Luke wrestles on the independent wrestling scene as “Golden Boy.” Luke sounds like very disciplined and a guy who will be tough to beat this season.

Ivelisse Velez – “An assistant pet groomer in Chicago, Illinois, the 22 -year -old has spent the last six years on the independent circuit”

If this was 1990 Vince would be all over the pet groomer gimmick. Could you imagine the feud between her and Beefcake?

Eric Watts – “Eric hails from Pasadena, California where he spent two years on his High School varsity football team as left tackle, earning All -League Honors. Eric was recruited by colleges for football, but opted not to attend so he could pursue his dream.”

So there is the Tough Enough cast. It looks like the WWE mixed things up pretty well between athletes, independent pro wrestlers, and television personalities. Other than Matt, it is disappointing that some of the more well known independent pro wrestlers weren’t invited to appear on the show after many were contacted and close to making the final cut.

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