From one bird to the next: Would Michael Vick make an impact as an Eagle?


Michael VickEditor’s Note – This story was originally published here on July 31. If you’re like me, then you have been following Michael Vick’s “comeback” into the NFL. Being a dog owner/lover, I was appalled by his off field activities with the dog fighting. Let’s face it though, he’s quite the quarterback.

With the news on Monday that Vick is reinstated into the NFL, the next question is what team will take a risk with him? The Raiders and Cowboys have been a name frequented recently, but what if Vick were to “bleed green”? Let’s take a theoretical look into what could, and what might not be, if Vick were to suit up in Philadelphia.

I love the Philadelphia Eagles through and through. With the ride we had with T.O, to our almost Pennsylvania battle in Super Bowl XL3, the Eagles have been improving little by little each year.

Mike Vick could potentially be a great back up to McNabb, or even Kolb, when number 5 hangs it up. He has a lot of work on his plate, getting into NFL shape, and playing 60 minutes again. Knowing Vick, he’ll be back into the shape he was when he left, in what would seem no time. He knows how to make a great pass. He is also quite the rusher. Would his style fit into Philly? I honestly have to say yes.

[adinserter block=”1″]When Vick entered the NFL draft in 2001, he was scooped up as a number one first round pick. His stats the first year were average, but the fact he jumped from 785 yards and 3 interceptions to 2,936 yards and 8 interceptions in 2 years, well, that’s not bad at all. Not to mention he also went from 2 TD’s in year one, and 16 in year two, that shows me the man learns fast. Being a 3 time Pro Bowler, he plays hard every game. He’s still young, he still has to have a great arm, and he knows how to hit open receivers or make a hand off to running backs and get yards, or touchdowns.

The Eagles have some exciting players this year. You have the usual suspects, with Brian Westbrook, Desean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, etc. Do I even need to mention the buzz around the draft this year with Macklin and McCoy? I think that McNabb is going to have some goodies to play with; I also hope he knows how to utilize them.

Let’s say Donovan goes down, and Kolb is stinking up the Linc: then what? Is Feeley going to make an impact? I really don’t believe so. Vick went 7-9, with 20 TD’s, and 2,474 yards total in 2006. He completed 204 out of 388 attempts, which is on target in my eyes. With B.West and McCoy as running backs, and guys to block him in the pocket like Sean Andrews, or even our newest acquisition in Jason Peters, he has some great looking ground work. If he goes in the air, Celeck, Curtis, Jackson, possibly even Macklin, can make the big catches, and put up the crucial 6 in any situation. If Jeff Lurie were to take such a big risk, I think he would reap the rewards.

The Eagles do use the Wildcat formation. The team is already stacked with a number of intriguing variables in a Wildcat offense. Rookies Jeremy Maclin and Cornelius Ingram could add to that dimension. Imagine for a second Michael Vick coming in on Wildcat plays. The Eagles could turn into one of the most dynamic offenses in the league.

Andy Reid has already said that he has no interest in Michael Vick. However, Reid shockingly did not close the door. “Right now we have a good situation at quarterback so that’s not the direction I’m looking.” Right now being the operative words. Could Vick be an option in a struggling offense or an injury at quarterback? –

[adinserter block=”2″]No matter where Michael Vick goes, controversy is going to come. PETA affiliates outside, and inside the games, fans being turned off by him on their field, Vick is going to have a lot to prove to everyone. I say he is worth the investment. He would be a good choice as a backup, and if McNabb leaves, whether in retirement or trade, he could bring the Lombardi to the city of brotherly love. I say bring him in and at least give him a shot. His story will now be written by him again, not the media. My only question is, if Philadelphia, or anyone in that matter, signs him, who will show up. Will it be Mike Vick? Or will it be Ron Mexico?

Update – Michael Vick signed a twp-year deal on August 13 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Josh Usher has been a fan of sports and sports entertainment for over 20 years and bleeds green.

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