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Friend Of CM Punk’s Says His Life Sucked

The mystery around CM Punk and his abrupt departure from the WWE is still one of the most talked about stories in professional wrestling. A new article from a close friend gives a glimpse into why Punk left and it has nothing to do with Triple H or WrestleMania payoffs.

[adinserter block=”1″]RedEyeChicago.com features an article from someone named Natalie Slater. Slater claims to be a friend of CM Punk’s and wrote an article on him entitled….wait for it…”My Friend is Famous and it Sucks.” The article talks about Punk’s horrible life outside of wrestling which if meant for sympathy, probably wasn’t a very well thought out idea.

We get mad about how much of our information Facebook is selling to advertisers, and this guy has people stalking his Dumpster. But if he complains, people roll their eyes and say if they had his money, they wouldn’t complain about anything. The money? I’m sure he likes it just fine, but I often wonder how much of it he would trade to be able to go to a Cubs game without it ending up on TMZ

I am not going to criticize CM Punk for this article because he didn’t write it and quite frankly, who knows how close he and Slater are. Maybe they are close and if so, I can’t imagine Punk being happy about this article. In essence, Slater is complaining about the invasion of privacy on her friend by…invading his privacy and revealing personal information he probably would prefer to be kept private. Quite honestly it appears the only person benefiting from this article is Slater who owns a baking business.

One interesting statement made in the article is when she refers to Punk as “recently retired.” Many have speculated on Punk’s next move. Some have predicted that he will be back by SummerSlam, some have predicted he will be back by WrestleMania 31, but most expect he’ll be back at some point. According to his friend, he is retired.

It is hard for me to have any sympathy for Punk and his invasion of privacy. Punk made his career choice years ago with the goal of becoming the biggest WWE star on the planet. This isn’t a case of a man getting caught up in a scandal and becoming an unwilling celebrity. Punk could have just as easily became a star in Japan or stayed in Ring of Honor which would have allowed him to attend his Cubs’ games in anonymity. Hell he could have stayed in TNA and took a part-time job at the Sunglass Hut and nobody would have bothered him! The opportunity cost of his millions of dollars is fame and a spotlight which he and anyone else who willingly got into the business to be a WWE star understood.

Sure his life may suck according to Hamilton but I am sure life is pretty damned good. He’s got financial security, broke through a glass ceiling to become the second biggest WWE star of this era, has notches on his bed post from several Divas, is treated like royalty by fans and media, and could walk back into the WWE tomorrow and headline an event. Yep, life sucks for CM Punk.

[adinserter block=”2″]Again this is not meant a personal shot at Punk, he certainly hasn’t complained. He has made it clear at fan Q & A’s (which thanks to his terrible life he probably makes five figures to do) that he doesn’t like to be bothered, but has never complained about it.

Hamilton’s byline reads “She once wrote a letter to WWF Magazine demanding they put Bret Hart on the cover for her birthday. They did not.” So take this for what it’s worth.

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  1. You do realize that you can still be successful and be unhappy, right? You can have “everything” and still be lacking something.

    Whether you have a million dollars or ten dollars in your bank account, you’re still a human being at the end of the day. If you have a screwed up family situation for example (Punk does), no amount of money is going to rectify that.

    I don’t understand why this is so hard for some people to grasp. I don’t know the guy, you don’t know the guy. Natalie does. I thought her article was an interesting perspective and she wasn’t doing it to benefit from it. Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about Punk knows she doesn’t “claim” to be friends with him; she IS.

    • First of all neither of us know how well Natalie knows him. Punk has never said anything like this and let’s be honest. She has a baking business to promote.

      Second of all, he has been in wrestling for a long time. It has been his goal since day 1 to be the biggest star in the business. He knew what came along with it. He could have remained in wrestling and worked elsewhere to hold on to his privacy.

      I don’t know him personally so I have no idea whether she is his friend or not. I don’t know why a friend who writes about how her friend’s life sucks because he has no privacy would write about his privacy.

      • …… In the cm punk DVD they explicitly state how good friends him and Natalie are… They have matching tattoos you dunce.

      • Yeah, I do know, because it’s well “documented” that they’re close. Hell, I’m pretty sure they dated briefly (not that I follow wrestler romance B.S., could care less). But you’d know too if you did a quick Google search to research the person you dedicated time to writing an article about. She also did not mention her business once. The article was 100% about him, 0% about her other than the fact that she has the unique perspective of being close to someone who was seemingly on top of the world.

        But hey, keep on passing all the judgment you want… Yeah, he knew the benefits and risks involved but that’s not the point I was making. Just because a person is famous and has human thoughts to go alongside (or against) that status doesn’t mean you need to vilify them in any way for having those thoughts, almost in a “see, that’s what you get, tssk tssk for being famous, you should know better” kind of manner.

        • All I was simply doing was offering an opinion, the same way everyone else is. I am not saying tssk tssk but there is a well known opportunity cost with achieving the goals he set out to achieve. I am not saying he is wrong for feeling that way because quite frankly, he didn’t say it. I just don’t think anyone should expect any sympathy for him, which is what she was getting at.

          • Sorry, I was rather rude to you. no coffee.

            Now.. coffee.

            Anyway.. I realize I was putting words in your mouth (or keyboard) and that’s not cool. I’ll agree to disagree though. I do feel for the guy because the complaints he HAS made about fans have been completely valid. I mean, some people are idiots. Quite often they’re rude, intrusive, and inconsiderate. To say it comes with the territory is somewhat blaming the victim. It’s the fans’ fault for not having manners.

            (And yes, I do believe you can be a millionaire and still be a ‘victim’ in some way, hypothetically.)

          • No worries. We always seem to agree on Twitter so I was a little taken back by the hostility. I do agree that some fans can be royal a$$holes. Some are just completely rude and ignorant of any respect. Most seem to be generally cool from what I can see. Unfortunately all it takes is a few rotten apples….

          • The cool to creepy/crazy/horrible scale escalates quickly when you see how asinine people are on WWE’s Facebook page comment sections, or YouTube videos. Some off the wall people right there. Also: RP accounts on Twitter. I don’t know if I’d want to be famous.

            I mean we mostly deal with sane/rational/savvy people I’d think (when caffeinated at least) so we’re in a bubble that keeps the RPers and weirdos away. I couldn’t imagine HAVING to interact with people at Axxess and events like that. Shaking hands with a ton of strangers… who knows what they touched before your hand. Haha

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