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Frank Shamrock gets Punked

Check out this video of Saturday night’s fight between Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz from Strikeforce. This is only the second and final round. This and the first round saw Diaz dominate Shamrock throughout the entire fight. The effort was so dominating that Diaz at one point even taunted Shamrock as he pounded him.

[adinserter block=”1″]The reason I am even posting this is that I can’t stand Frank Shamrock. Shamrock runs down everyone in fighting almost daily on his web site. Shamrock has a big mouth and is one of the most arrogant fighters on the planet. The guy talks so much smack, yet he hasn’t beaten a “real” fighter in over ten years.

Hey, I know about 75% of what Frank is spewing is just Frank hyping his fights. It just gets real old when you listen to him run his mouth and watch him immediately get knocked on his ass. The jig is up. Frank is a fraud and Frank has nobody to blame but his mouth for his newfound fraudulent reputation.

Check out Shamrock vs. Ortiz: The Untold Truth Behind Ufc’s Legendary Feud DVD by clicking here.



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