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Frank Mir & Roy Nelson Are In The Doghouse

The UFC president is not happy with Frank Mir and Roy Nelson. Dana White blasted the two fighters to the media following Mir’s one sided drubbing of Roy Nelson at UFC 130. White is disappointed in Mir and embarrassed at the performance of Nelson.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dana White told the media following the fight that he expected more out of a co-main event. White wanted more action from the two heavyweights and felt that they owed the UFC and the fans a better fight, given the co-headlining spot.

“I think this time, with the co-main event I was disappointed in both guys, not just in Frank,” White said. “I was more disappointed in Frank on that last card, even though he ends up getting a knockout. Frank Mir is a two-time world champion, he’s been around for a long time, he’s a super talented guy, and I expect more of him.”

I think Dana White is a bit out of line here. I think Frank Mir looked pretty good in the fight, stayed relatively active, and nailed Nelson with some vicious strikes that would have taken most UFC fighters off of their feet. It wasn’t Mir’s fault that Nelson has a great chin. I don’t know what more White expected Mir to do? Mir is smart enough to not bull rush Nelson and turn it into a stand up war. He doesn’t have the boxing skills to go toe to toe with Nelson to do that. The only way Mir is winning this fight is with takedowns, knees, and grappling and that is what he did. I didn’t see anything wrong at all with Mir’s performance.

I also think it’s a bit of a cheap shot to take at the former UFC heavyweight champion. Mir wound up going to the hospital after the fight with a broken jaw and a fractured rib. Yes, the man just fought three rounds with injuries and you are going to criticize him for not engaging? What fighter in their right mind would engage with a broken jaw or fractured ribs? Quite frankly given the circumstances White’s criticism of Mir is just asinine.

If you thought that criticism was harsh, wait until you hear White’s evaluation of Frank Mir’s opponent “Big Country” Roy Nelson.

“I thought Roy looked terrible tonight,” White told “I thought it was terrible. I thought it was embarrassing. “We saw how durable and tough ‘Big Country’ is in the dos Santos fight,” White continued. “But at least in the dos Santos fight, it was action the whole fight.”

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Check out my UFC 130 results blog and you will read practically the same thing about Nelson. I used the word embarrassing as well. I also predicted that Dana White would likely be furious and could wind up giving Nelson an ultimatum. According to reports, White will meet with Nelson Friday to discuss his future. Most reports speculate that Nelson will be told to lose weight or pack his bags.

Who put these two guys in the co-main event? The last time that Frank Mir was in a headlining spot, he did nothing with Mirko Cro Cop for two and a half rounds. You bring that guy who was responsible for half of one of the worst main-event fights in UFC history back in the co-headliner and you are blaming him for a disappointing fight? The only thing disappointing about this fight was the UFC trying to sell Frank Mir as a headliner in 2011.

The same goes for booking Roy Nelson. It isn’t as if Nelson showed up with a rotund belly to the shock of the UFC audience. You knew what you were getting when you booked Roy Nelson in the main-event. He was owned for two rounds against Junior Dos Santos, you bring him back for a co-headliner and you are mad that he didn’t deliver? When has Roy Nelson ever delivered a main-event style performance against high level fighters? If you thought this was going to be an exciting fight you are fooling yourself. MMA fans are smarter than that, which will be evident with the UFC 130 buyrate.

If there was one thing that really upset more about Nelson’s performance were his actions following the fight. Nelson was all smiles and laughs following the fight beginning with the announcement of the winner. I am sorry, but if I am paying $50 to watch you fight and you do barely nothing for three rounds, I’d at least like to see you care. Heck, Rampage Jackson was more disappointed in his performance following his fight and he won! I understand that Roy likes to clown around, but not after you just got dominated in the co-main event.

[adinserter block=”1″]The biggest problem I see is that the UFC is running too many shows with not enough main-event fighters to justify the spots. Do any of the upcoming UFC main-events get you overly excited to plunk down $50 and buy the show? JDS vs. Shane Carwin, Urijah Faber vs. Dominick Cruz, and Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis? I am pretty excited about Cruz vs. Faber but that is going to be a hard main-event to sell to your casual fans. Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis and Carwin vs. Santos have the potential to be even less interesting than Mir v s. Nelson, especially Evans vs. Davis. Don’t shine crappy matchups into main-events and then criticize the fighters when they don’t deliver the fight you expect.

If Dana White wants to guarantee main-event fights that will deliver, he should move into pro wrestling. This is the chance you take with MMA. I just think it is a little disingenuous to get upset over a fight not delivering what he expected, that most fans thought was a weak headliner in the first place. I also think it is an even more classless move when one of the fighters is rushed to the hospital following the fight with a broken jaw and fractured rib.

If Dana White wants an exciting fight with Roy Nelson, maybe he should step in there next time and stand up with Big Country.

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  1. This is yet another justification of my disdain for Dana White, who apparently won't quit until he's half the kind of owner that Mark Cuban is. And you said it best about starting out with a lower quality match and presenting it as the main event. Wonder how those buy rates did for that WWE PPV where Miz and Lawler headlined?

    And even though he's no longer the golden boy, I still get hyped any time Urijah Faber tapes up. Can't wait for that one. The JDS-Carwin bout is circumstantial…can't really fault UFC for Lesnar's leaky pipes.

    Great read, Eric!

  2. Well said, well said. White made these fights, both Mir-Nelson and Jackson-Hamill. Both were dubious prospects sold to the fans by the UFC. Being mad at Mir seems to be White's defense against looking at his own shit!


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