Forrest Griffin Apologizes For UFC 148 Post-Fight Antics

“Why did Forrest Griffin run out of the ring at UFC 148?” That is the biggest question coming out of UFC 148 and continued into the post conference. Forrest apologized to Tito at the press conference but some are wondering whether an “I’m sorry” was truly enough.

It was an odd yet familiar scene for UFC fans immediately following the three-round war between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz at UFC 148. After an obvious win, the former The Ultimate Fighter winner and light heavyweight champion took off. Griffin ran right out of the cage making for an odd scene that saw UFC president Dana White run after Forrest and order him back in the cage.

[adinserter block=”2″]Fans booed Forrest as he got back in the cage, but Forrest was only getting started with his attempt to hijack a historic moment and turn it into a mockery. Griffin proceeded to grab the microphone and do a post fight interview with Ortiz, something Joe Rogan would normally do. Griffin was arrogant and Ortiz was extremely uncomfortable, seeing his final moment turned upside down. Griffin even made a remark about Ortiz getting tired in which Ortiz took a shot and reminded Griffin that if it weren’t for him he probably wouldn’t be there. It was an odd and uncomfortable moment and a little sad to watch knowing that this was Ortiz’s last chance to say goodbye before retiring.

Griffin continued the shenanigans in his own post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, who also didn’t look happy. Griffin proceeded to tell Rogan about how he really wasn’t that hurt in certain situations, again making Ortiz look bad. Griffin finally capped off the charade by walking over to Tito and trying to hand him his sweaty t-shirt. Ortiz blew Griffin off and the fans were quick to let Forrest know that his unfunny and disrespectful attempt at comedy was neither fun nor funny.

UFC president Dana White was extremely upset about the situation. White was asked about it in the press conference. White expressed his frustrations and also clued in the media and fans as to why Forrest did what he did…or at least why he told his boss he did it.

First Dana was asked about what he said to Forrest Griffin when he ran after him. “Everyone in this room knows exactly what I said to him.” Dana also said that he asked Forrest if he was “mental.

The UFC president then proceeded to give Forrest’s side of the story. “He said I was really depressed. Well the next time you are depressed about winning a fight, go back in the back and be depressed. Stand up there. It’s Tito’s last night, Tito just won his fight (he didn’t), get your hand raised or Tito’s hand raised, do your interview, and go, if you’re bummed out do it in the back. Alright? And if you’re bucking for Joe Rogan’s f*cking job it’s not going to happen, it’s Joe’s job, leave the microphone alone, until Joe comes over and talks to you. It drives me crazy. I love Forrest Griffin, always have, he’s a great guy, but he gets a little cooky sometimes you know?

It was obvious that Tito wasn’t happy when it happened and he was asked about it as well in the post fight presser. Tito said, “It was bullsh*t. Come on dude. You haven’t been in the sport a lot longer. You have to understand that fifteen years ago, May 30, 1997, Joe Rogan was the first person to interview me and I told him that I was going to make a mark in the sport. I helped build a sport that helped build the person I am today and for Forrest to step in and do what he did, after running? As I said I can’t complain about anything, I wish Joe Rogan were there to interview me, but that’s what we have a press conference for.

Ironically Forrest Griffin walked into the press conference as Tito was giving this answer. Yes, Forrest was late. Forrest took a seat and offered up an apology that appeared to be sincere.

“I sincerely apologize, I honestly wasn’t thinking, I could see you guys have a ton of history, I apologize, I wish I could take that back. I’m sorry.” He also mentioned later that he felt really bad about it and was in a bad mindset at the time. He also said he was disappointed in his performance for not finishing the fight and was frustrated.

The thing I never understood about Forrest is why he is so popular yet he continues to act like a spoiled jerk with very little respect for the sport, fans, or media. Read some accounts online from reporters about their experiences with Forrest and most will tell you that he was arrogant and combative in all interviews. A quick read of his tweets will tell you everything you need to know about the guy. His tweets are a sad cry for attention with Forrest’s lame attempts at humor, which include by the way joking about rape (“rape is the new missionary“). Top this off with his actions at UFC 148 and you have a guy that either has some serious mental issues or really just doesn’t give a crap about anything.

Quite frankly I don’t think the guy has ever been the same since he was destroyed a couple of years back by Anderson Silva. He has just seemed a bit off ever since the night he ran out of the octagon to a chorus of boos. That is fine and I can understand that, but fighting in the UFC is a business and a show. Part of the show is the post fight interview and running away or stealing microphones because your “depressed” is inexcusable.

As polarizing as Tito has been over the last fifteen years he deserved much better than what he got on Saturday night. He deserved his final moment of history with Joe Rogan, he deserved his final chance to say goodbye to the fans, and even more importantly the fans deserved their chance to say farewell to one of the greatest showmen in the history of MMA. None of that happened thanks to Forrest and his “depression.”

[adinserter block=”1”]It is time for the UFC to take a serious look at continuing to promote Forrest in these high level spots. It is also time for Forrest to take a cold hard look in the mirror and question whether he wants to be a professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From all accounts the kid barely even likes to fight anymore. Hey no problem, stay home, have fun with your jokes on Twitter, and do the UFC a favor and let them proceed with one less baby on the roster.

Run Forrest run…just keep running and don’t come back.

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