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Former Miss Grand Ukraine Joins Troops to Battle Russian Invasion

The predictions of World war 3 are on and would seemingly prove to be true. The world is on the brink of war amid the Ukraine-Russia crisis going on. Several countries are extending their support to Ukraine after Russia has posed a great threat to the country. The people of Ukraine are fighting their all to win for their country.

Among the fighting nationals, an unexpected addition has been made. Anastasiia Lenna, a former Miss Grand Ukraine, and beauty queen are said to have joined the Ukrainian military to combat the Russian invasion. The news of the beauty pageant winner joining the army broke through social media.

Anastasiia has been photographed with an assault weapon in his hands. Anastasiia Lenna turned to social media to threaten anybody who “crosses the Ukrainian border with the purpose to invade” with death. Although many commoners are joining the Ukraine military to defend their country and fight Russian forces, this comes as an unexpected one.

Anastasiia’s joining has gone viral all over social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. People from across the country are appreciating her for her brave move. Netizens commended her nationalistic feeling and love for her country and urged various other people to follow her in her endeavors.

Anastasiia, a national pageant winner at the age of 24, has volunteered to protect her home against Russian invaders. As she puts herself on the line for her motherland of Ukraine, the actress has traded in her gowns and stilettos for some real military gear. Anastasiia used her 146,000 Instagram followers to upload several photos of herself carrying firearms, as well as a photo of the Ukrainian flag.

Anastasiia has won the miss grand Ukraine title in the past. After that, she has also participated in various other shows and subsequently gained popularity. “NATO should request for admission into Ukraine,” she said with a photo of armed soldiers blocking a route. She added “Our (Ukraine’s) army is fighting in such a way that NATO should ask for entrance into Ukraine,” another post wrote.

A real and powerful leader,” she said under a photo of troops walking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “This is Ukraine’s President.” The brave beauty queen’s foray into the war to defend her nation is the polar opposite of her day job as a public relations manager in Turkey.

Apart from Anastasiia another beauty  Natalya Ilina, wife of Rahul Mahajan has also expressed her discontent towards the situation of Ukraine. In a post on Instagram, she expressed her dismay overworld tensions going on. On Thursday morning, Vladimir Putin stunned the world by announcing that Russian soldiers had invaded Ukraine.

As Russian forces continue to wage war in various towns, Ukrainians have taken to the streets with guns to protect their nation. One of Anastasiia’s demands to Western countries was that Russian banks be removed from the Swift financial system. Swift, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, conducts transactions worth billions of dollars and is utilized by over 11,000 banks and financial institutions all over the globe.



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