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So, Are We Going to Forget About the WWE US Championship Feud?

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WWE is definitely in a new direction and was showing consistency since the change took place. However there seems to be a bit of slacking off if one looks closely. While it is not perfect, there are a few loose ends that will need to be tightening up. One of the storylines that has slacked off is the United States Championship feud between Roman Reigns and Rusev.

The night after SummerSlam, both men were participating in the tournament to face off in the Fatal Four Way for the vacated WWE Universal Championship. Rusev walked out on his match with Big Cass looking to be playing up a ribs injury. Reigns would end up in the Fatal Four Way the following week in a losing effort thanks to Triple H. Reigns finds himself in a match with Kevin Owens next week to determine if he will be in the match up at Clash of Champions that already has Seth Rollins taking on the prize fighter.

Reigns is in a bit of a predicament, as he was feuding with Rusev prior to things taking a bit of a turn. Perhaps Rusev and Lana is absent from WWE TV is because they are in the midst of their second wedding ceremony in Rusev’s home country of Bulgaria. This most likely explains Reigns’ booking since SummerSlam. But if SummerSlam had anything for fans to go off on, the feud between Reigns and Rusev is not over. There was no resolve, as the match ended up being a no contest. Chances are, Rusev may cost Reigns the match against Owens next week. For the feud to continue it should happen and it gives Reigns even more incentive to take care of business with the Bulgarian Brute.

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Reigns already has a clean win over Rusev, and that is something that Rusev will hold against the former WWE Champion. Rusev has to get the upper hand on the Guy, and next week will prove a great opportunity for the United States Champion as he has been missing on TV for two weeks now. Keeping Reigns in the Universal Championship picture will do him more harm than good, and when Rusev comes back, the two should pick up where they left off.

The substance is there for the two men to continue on into a lengthy program. Reigns must look vulnerable, especially if the United States Champion is the reason he loses against Owens next week on Raw. There is no reason why this feud shouldn’t continue when Rusev comes back from his nuptials. WWE is known for missing opportunities, and they can’t miss this one when it comes to the powerhouses. Rusev could continue his walk out trend or the two may end up in another no contest if the feud intensifies. The options are there, it’s up to WWE to capitalize on it.

Fans are panicking online about another Reigns world title run. With Rusev due to return soon, this may just be a little tease from WWE to the fans. However, don’t hold your breath.

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