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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 10 – Contender/Protender Forecast

Beat The Shark AmandaPardon me, can you please cue the John Williams music, you know the theme to Jaws? (Deeh Neeh, Deeh neeh, dun dunnn dun dunnn) Ok you know how the song goes I’m sure. Well your friendly neighborhood “Shark” was at it again this week, another big victory, and another opponent left helpless! Another big weekend saw, “The Shark” finish 3-1 thanks to wins by the Chiefs, Titans and Ravens, with the only loss coming from the Cowboys (figures). Meanwhile Amanda had a much tougher day taking losses from the Broncos, Eagles and Saints (who didn’t cover the spread), and getting her only win from the Cardinals. So we now look at the impressive turning of the tables and see, “The Shark” now leading the girls 5-4 in weeks and now sporting a decent 17-14-1 record in games. The girls have now slumped to 16-16, the .500 mark, setting themselves up for a total demise. Perhaps next week they can bring me someone more worthy!

Ok now that we have bragged on me enough, it’s time for a new segment that I’m bringing this week. Yes, I have passed up on the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down this week to look ahead to possible playoff teams and see who has the juice to be a force in the upcoming weeks. Also I will show you who not to get too excited about. I call it, “Contenders and Pretenders” and it’ll represent who I feel has the best chances of going far the rest of the way, and give you some insight of those teams who need some serious help. Each team will be shown with overall offensive and defensive ratings plus records and my anaolgy, so enjoy won’t you!

[adinserter block=”1″]New Orleans Saints (9-0, 1st, 21st) Contender. Yes the last few games have been close but this offense has the juice, and they do just enough on defense.

Indianapolis Colts (9-0, 3rd,13th) Contender. So much heart shown on Sunday night. Also tops in the league in fewest points allowed, perhaps the class of the league.

Minnesota Vikings (8-1, 7th, 15th) Contender. Not to discredit the Saints, but possibly the best team in the NFC. Veteran leaders, tough defense and a guy named Peterson! February anyone?

Cincinnati Bengals (7-2, 19th, 11th) Pretender. I’m sorry, it’s true. Yes second fewest points allowed, but there is no “wow” factor on this team. I still feel the Steelers are better. Not top 10 in any catagory either.

New England Patriots (6-3, 2nd, 8th) Pretender. Tom Brady only gets you so far. Not enough big time defense, and they have struggled against some average teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3, 9th, 2nd) Contender. this defense still makes you work, although they need Troy back badly. Still think the offense can do enough to compliment the defense.

Dallas Cowboys (6-3, 4th, 16th) Pretender. Still way to inconsistent. What was that last Sunday?

Arizona Cardinals (6-3, 11th, 22nd) Contender. Yes I have them here and not the Patriots. Not as many obsticles to out-run, and they are getting hot and play well on the road.

San Diego Chargers (6-3, 17th, 14th) Pretender. I just don’t think they do anything all that well. They have heart, but not alot of soul. Good but not great.

Denver Broncos (6-3, 22nd, 6st) Pretender. It looked good for a while, but now it is exposed, and Chris Simms if needed gets you nowhere. Defense is looking human now too.

New York Giants (5-4, 5th, 1st) Contender. Tom Coughlin and company do this every year. Still top 5 in both catagories, and the bye week will help. The Giants still have the talent to go far. I would’nt want to see them in December/January.

Houston Texans (5-4, 6st, 17th) Contender. If the right Texan team shows up they can run with anyone. Schaub is tops in many QB catagories, and now they play the run well. Ok, maybe no Super Bowl, but they can hang with the big boys.

Green Bay Packers (5-4, 8th, 4th) Pretender. Despite good rankings they get sacked too much and turn it over too much. They have good weeks, but aren’t good as a whole.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-4, 12th, 9th) Pretender. 3 weeks ago I would not have guessed it, but suddenly something is very wrong here? Plus they can’t stop any TE’s.

Baltimore Ravens (5-4, 13th, 7th) Pretender. It just looks flat. The Browns gave them a workout, The Browns!

Atlanta Falcons (5-4, 14th, 25th) Pretender. This defense is like human swiss cheese. They can’t stop anyone, and now are missing Mr. Everything, Michael Turner. Its golf time.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4, 10th, 23rd) Pretender. If they had a decent QB, or a decent defense I may be swayed, but this team is 100 percent Maurice Jones-Drew, great but not enough.

Look out for these red hot squads:

Tennessee Titans. It may be too late for a recovery, but Chris Johnson is my MVP so far this season.

Carolina Panthers: Not dead yet here, and have been playing very solid football. Steve Smith was even in the end zone last week.

[adinserter block=”2″]Nice runs about to end: New York Jets, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins

Rating the 5 worst in order: 5. Kansas City Chiefs, 4. Oakland Raiders, 3. St. Louis Rams, 2 and 1? well that is decided this week when the Detroit Lions face the Cleveland Browns. I left out a few teams, 3-6 with no where to go doesnt merrit print time I suppose.

Ok everyone, as always don’t forget to read my “Flash and Crash” as well as “Beat The Shark” here every Friday, good luck in week 11.

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