Money Matters! Floyd Mayweather Defeats Manny Pacquiao


Money Matters!: Floyd Mayweather Defeats Manny PacquiaoWhen we went to the scorecards I had a nasty feeling that this one’s going to raise a stink. Nevertheless I expected it to be a close one. Then I heard 118-110! No one’s gonna score that against the home boy. That means Pacquiao’s going down.

[adinserter block=”1″]But anyone who watched the match with a clear, unbiased mind would swear that Pacquiao didn’t go down even for a second during the 12 round ‘5-year-in-the-making’. He simply looked to live up to the fight. Perhaps the characteristic onslaught was missing. But then you need your opponent to square up to you for that.

In Pacquiao’s limited English, ‘if Mayweather wasn’t moving much….’ What he meant, of course was if Mayweather just fought back, maybe he could have unleashed a lot more aggression. But then Mayweather was kept on his toes throughout, trying to figure out how to survive the ‘eater of pac-dots’.

I won’t go into the rounds and what went down. Instead let me quote Pacquiao.

When asked at the end of the fight about what he thought, Pacquiao said he thought he had won the fight. And he wasn’t just saying it. He meant every bit of it.

The interviewer of course didn’t like it. And he asked why Manny thought so – with a supercilious ‘since no one else did’. Pacquiao said, ‘Mayweather did nothing.’ And he said that with disbelief that was hard to miss.

From then on it became a farce as the interviewer tried to exploit Pac’s poor language skills to get him against the ropes. With as much partisan edge he was allowed to get into his voice, he kept probing. But Pacquiao couldn’t say anything beyond the truth. Mayweather did nothing.

Yeah! The champ. The pound for pounder. The undefeated. And he did nothing.But then perhaps he knew money would win in the end.
He’s got a whopping big deal with Showtime. Not been defeated. Got one more match to go. There’s money riding on that. Big money. And I guess Mayweather had to win for the sake of Money.

[adinserter block=”2″]Not so with Pacquiao. He’s still good. Can give as good as he gets or doesn’t. But he’s not Money.

He’s the bull that must die in the afternoon for the Matador de Toros to stand tall. The moment of truth hit him tonight. It hit us tonight. But let’s all forget that. Judges don’t matter. Scorecards don’t matter. That last image of a man walking back still trying to make sense of the true meaning of money is all that matters. After all it’s professional boxing!

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