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Who is the beast of the NL East? – Part 2

Dan UgglaThe Florida Marlins are the sad kid in school that everyone feels sorry for. They have so much potential but no one there to look out for them.

This team has practically no money in the bank, and anyone who is anyone in a Marlins uniform doesn’t need to waste his time unpacking in Miami, as they will be traded for cheaper options. This is a key reason that no fans show to games, keeping the team further in debt.

[adinserter block=”1″]On top of that management is as warmhearted as an Antarctic ice cube. Three seasons ago rookie skipper Joe Girardi won the manager of the year award with practically no players with major league experience. However Girardi was axed because team owner Jeff Loria was acting like an idiot at a game, and Girardi asked him to stop.

Who on Earth would want to play here, you ask…

Winners: The team finished second in the east last year and six games out. They had a chance to push through this off-season, and they did not impress anyone. But with their history, not spending doesn’t mean they won’t make a difference.

New in town: With no money to spend, they weren’t able to sign anyone to a Major League contract. However, they invited a few new players to Spring Training with Minor League Contracts including former Padres starter Clay Hensley and former All-Star closer Derrick Turnbow. The Marlins also picked up career journeyman Mike Lamb to compete for a backup infield spot.

[adinserter block=”2″]He’s Outta Here: Former super prospect outfielder Jeremy Hermida stint in Miami is over. Although he wasn’t unproductive, many thought he would be the second coming of Miguel Cabrera. That he was not Hermida was traded to Boston for a pair of low level pitching prospects, and is expecting to take advantage of the short right field wall at Fenway. Mid-season pickup Nick Johnson wasn’t resigned after a successful half year, finishing second in the National League in on base percentage.

This team is pretty rag tag, and could possibly have yet another fire sale. They have talked about sending second baseman Dan Uggla out to dump salary, and even though they have re-signed pitcher Josh Johnson to an extension, that doesn’t mean he’s sticking around. If they can keep their core together including Uggla, Johnson, and National League batting champion Hanley Ramierez they can still compete in the division. But I don’t see a second place finish.

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