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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 1998 Review – The Deadly Game

Rock Survivor Series 1998JR opens the PPV! BRING HIM BACK!

The WWF title was vacant for the event. On Sunday Night Heat there was a brawl. With who? They didn’t say (right away).

Mr. McMahon is out already in his wheelchair with the title belt. In ten years Boss Man is a lot thinner (compared to 1988). McMahon introduces the first match of the card. The World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Mankind (in a suit-yes, Mick Foley in a suit and the Hardcore Champ). JR informs us it’s been ten years (to this moment) that the WWF title was determined in a tournament (even a 14-man tournament). It was in 1988 at WrestleMania IV where Randy “Macho Man” Savage defeated “the Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. Useless facts, right now, yes. VINCE MENTIONS WCW AND THE CROWD BOOS! YES! The coach of the Passadena Chargers, Duane Gill (with an awesome theme music).

Round 1- Mankind (WWF Hardcore Champ) versus Duane Gill

McMahon didn’t stay long, but this match didn’t last long either. Couple of kicks and a Double Arm DDT with a cradle, Mankind wins. It will take you roughly the same time to read this as the match length was.

Round 1- Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) versus Al Snow (with Head and Socko)

Debra grabbed Head and distracted Tim White and Jeff Jarrett hit Snow with the Head while Snow was going for the Guitar, and didn’t affect Snow. Snow turned around and hit Jarrett with the Head and got the victory. This match was three minutes longer than the match before.

Round 1- Big Boss Man versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

Cobb County, GA! I like the Big Boss Man’s character. Who’s better, the Swat team Boss Man or the Blue Shirt Boss Man? In other words, the 1988 Boss Man or the 1998 Boss Man? Let’s get to the match.

Goldust and Mankind are sitting in the second row. Not really, but fans dressed up like them are.

[adinserter block=”2″]Big Boss Man got himself DQ’ed with his nightstick. Big Boss Man hits the announcer’s table with the night stick to intimidate JR. Good stuff with good laughs.

Round 1- X-Pac (WWF European Champ) versus Steven Regal (the Real Man’s Man, future 2008 King of the Ring)

Regal’s wearing plaid. I like that.

“Whatever you’re taking you gotta cut the dose, it’s not Blackman,” said the King.
“I mean from Blackpool,” JR replied.

Double count-out with these two men. That gives Austin a bye in the next round. McMahon just demands overtime for Austin can’t overtime. Both men aren’t even in the ring. That means Austin gets a bye and McMahon gets angry. Poor Vince.

Round 1- Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontinental Champ and 1998 King of the Ring) versus Goldust

MMA versus Hollywood!

I just realized, there’s someone out in the crowd as Kane as well! It’s Kane, Mankind, and Goldust as fans out in the crowd! YES!

Shamrock won by the Ankle Lock. Gave my buddy and I were in a debate about who’s Ankle Lock is better, Shamrock’s or Angles.

Round 1- The Rock versus Triple H…I mean the Big Boss Man

Triple H is out with a knee injury, so the Big Boss Man took his spot.

Boss Man walks in, small package, and the Rock wins!

“There wasn’t enough time for me to smell what the Rock was cookin’!” proclaimed the King.

Round 2- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) versus Kane

This was a year into a year into their feud (Taker and Kane). And in 1991 the Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan to win his first WWF title.

Paul’s facial expressions are simply amazing, he can sell anything off his facial expressions.

Tombstone Piledriver from the Undertaker to Kane, and Daddy Paul held down Kane’s unhooked leg for the pin.

Round 2- Mankind (WWF Hardcore Champ) versus Al Snow (with Head and Socko)

The suit versus the Head!

Vince seems drunk or on pills. I think I like it.

Foley is punching the Head because he saw the Sock on the Head’s head.

Socko claw on Al Snow and Mankind is victorious! I would of tapped right away if that sock went into my mouth. Gross.

Round 2- Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontinental Champ) versus the Rock

This match was longer than the Rock’s first match on this night, thankfully. I feel like this is a decent match. I really enjoyed the feud that these two men had.

We get a “Boss Man Sucks” chant when the Boss Man comes out during the match.

The Rock sold the Ankle Lock awesome. He made it sell like it actually hurt, a lot. Thanks the Rock for making Shamrock a star.

The People’s Elbow and a two-count and how huge the move is over! It reminds me of “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s Rude Awakening finisher.

Boss Man throws the night stick to Shamrock but the Rock catches it and nails Shamrock with it and gets the victory.

WWF Women’s Championship: Sable versus Jacquline (Champ)

Fast forward. I don’t care for the match. Sorry.

Sable wins the title with the Sablebomb.

Round 3- Mankind (WWF Hardcore Champ) versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

There are boos within the first minute and McMahon and stooges are on their way out. Vintage.

Lou Theze press by Stone Cold and Austin also hit the Stone Cold Stunner and Foley sprinted out of the ring and down the aisle. The stooges went down and told Foley to go back.

Double Arm DDT on the chair to Stone Cold and JR sells it like it’s huge!

Stone Cold Stunner and McMahon jumps in and pulls the ref and knocks him out. Another Stunner and Shane as the ref outs the two and gives Austin the Double Bird.

Chair shot from Brisco to Austin and Foley covers and gets the three count.

Round 3- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) versus the Rock

Decent short match by these two men. Wish these two guys had longer matches, but the Rock had the next match to do and both men already had matches already on the card prior to this match.

Paul Bearer is the superstar of this match because of his facial expressions. Uncle Paul is golden. Paul used his shoe to hit the Rock in the head.

Big Boss Man is out again during this match. The Rock did the Undertaker sat up and gestured to Paul Bearer being fatter than the normal person. The Rock tried to deliver the People’s Elbow and the Boss Man tripped him. Taker hit the Boss Man. Weird.

Kane chokeslam’s the Rock in front of the ref and the Dead Man is confused, and the Rock wins by DQ. Kane and the Undertaker start to battle with one another after the match.

WWF Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: New Age Outlaws (Champs) versus D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry versus the Headbangers

Really didn’t care for this match. This is the second Survivor Series that I’ve watched when doing this review, so I turned my mind off. And I got a phone call so I answered the call. The New Age Outlaws won and retained the titles.

WWF Championship Match- Round 4-Mankind (WWF Hardcore Champ) versus the Rock

Excited for the match-we’re guaranteed a new WWF World Heavyweight Champion with this match. Last three Survivor Series the WWF title has changed hands. The McMahons and the Big Boss Man are back from the chase with Stone Cold from after they “screwed” Austin out of his semi-finals match earlier in the night.

Vince and Shane come out a couple of minutes into the match and JR says to the King that he was fooled by Shane earlier in the night, thinking that Shane isn’t on the same team as his Daddy.

The Hebner lets the two guys fight outside the ring and out in the fans. The King and JR get worked up-wanting the guys to take it back to the ring.

Mick Foley jumped from the second rope to jump onto the Rock through the Spanish Announcer’s Table, but the Rock moved. Mankind ate a lot of the announcer’s table. Poor Mick.

People’s Elbow and the Rock only get’s a near fall! Double Arm DDT to the Rock and Foley pulls the sock out of his tights. Socko Claw and the Rock is fading! Rock countered with a Rock Bottom. Words of JR, BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Rock only got a two count with the Rock Bottom.

[adinserter block=”1″]People’s Eyebrow to the McMahons and the Sharpshooter to Foley and McMahon yells to ring the bell. Shane rolls in and raises the Rock’s arm. The winner and new World Wrestling Federation Champion, the Rock. Former People’s Champ, now Corporate Champ!

This was a nice change of breath for the Survivor Series PPV. If Vince wants to keep this PPV around and want to bring in ratings, if no Survivor Series matches, why not as a tournament? The winner faces the WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion in a triple threat match? The loosing Champion loses his title to winner? I would tune in for that pay-per-view concept. But this has been fun watching this year’s Survivor Series!

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