Fixing Bray Wyatt


Since debuting last year, the Bray Wyatt character has taken a few hits.

[adinserter block=”1″]While his entrance and the sudden appearance of his “family” were pretty cool, beat-downs of nobodies like Kane and R-Truth didn’t do much to really help us get a grasp on just who Bray was and what it is he can do.

Since then, he’s had wonderful feuds with the Shield and Daniel Bryan before dying an awful death after feuding with the push-killer known as John Cena. Clearly, there’s potential there for Wyatt to become something bigger, but on his current trajectory, the character feels lost. So what can we do to help get young Bray back on the right path?

First and foremost, Bray is a cult leader. And like any good cult leader, he should be a liar and a fraud. All of these crazy philosophical things he spouts? It should just be a cover to further his own self-interests. Let the audience know that he doesn’t really care about his family or anything else, he’s just using everything around him to get what he wants. Wins, titles, prestige, etc. If he weren’t a fraud, he should have no reason to want these things. After all, if it’s about spreading his message, he’d never really have a reason to get into the ring, now would he? But if it’s just a front to get him all of those things, it would really hammer home what a selfish monster and a scumbag he is.

I get there’s this belief that making him say weird things and come across like the devil is supposed to make him appear to be the new Mankind/Undertaker, but sometimes you have to work with what’s there and he’s fit to be a fraudulent cult leader along the lines of CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society.

More importantly, there needs to be some gravity to his matches again. It needs to mean something when he gets up out of that rocking chair to take care of business. After all, he’s a scummy cult leader using anyone he can to gain an advantage. Let him continue to send his minions after his enemies, avoiding them at all costs until it’s time for him to step into the ring. Then it feels like a moment, like this is a big deal to even see him stand up and get in the ring.

He doesn’t have to be this dominant monster, but like Mankind, he can be the guy who takes a ton of punishment and laughs it off before absolutely trucking you. This is where his spider-walk comes in handy: it’s one of those things he can do not only to be creepy, but as a show of “no matter how much you hit me, I’m still going to be here”. In the psychology of wrestling, it would be really disheartening for one of his opponents to really put a hurting on him only for him to spring up and walk like the creepy S.O.B. he is.

And speaking of the family, maybe it’s time to grow said family. Think about it for a second: his most exciting feud to date has been when he seemingly turned Daniel Bryan into a member of his family. This is a time-tested trope in wrestling. Think about it: if you’re a fan of one of WWE’s faces, isn’t there a constant fear that the Family could steal over your favorite goodie to join their cause? No one wants to see their favorites drinking the kool-aid of this cult leader. Not only that, but it leads to potentially huge moments like when Bryan turned on Wyatt inside the cage and practically blew the roof off of the arena. It helps further the “Bray is a bad guy” theme without him having to cut 100 promos telling you so.

[adinserter block=”2″]Last, but certainly not least, he needs to let go of the song. It was creepy and weird the first 40 times he sang Got the Whole Wide World in My Hands but now it’s just repetitive and annoying. Which is something heels use to get heat, but that’s not the type of heat Bray is going for.

The potential is still there for Bray Wyatt to be one of the top heels in the company and be something huge, but the WWE needs to develop some consistency not only with him, but with all of their characters in general. They need to pick a direction and a psychology for him and stick with it, developing that instead of changing directions when their Ritalin wears off.

Otherwise, the Eater of Worlds will becoming nothing other than the Eater of Finishes on his way to loss after loss after loss.

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  1. You cant name one memorable moment from the Jericho feud outside of Jericho beating Bray cleanly in the middle if the ring…thats where it all ended for Bray.

  2. To be on topic. They couldve spared us the feud with Jericho. He did nothing to help the momentum and now even my interest in Bray is limited to his entrance. The Cena feud had good highs and lows but the Jericho feud did absolutely nothing special. I blame Jericho for killing the Wyatt momentum more then Cena.

  3. How come nobody ever posts about Titus Oneal? Am I the only one who sees potential in “fixing” or pushing him?

    Sorry to off topic.


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