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Five WWE Women Who Could Team Up With Sasha Banks at Battleground

WWE Battleground on Sunday night is just around the corner, and Sasha Banks has yet to find a partner to face Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Banks has been double teamed the last couple of weeks and suffered her first main roster loss just a few days ago. One can argue that Banks is biding her time, and waiting for the right moment to reveal her pick which would be right before the match starts. Until then, with the WWE Draft already in the books, rumors are flying around with predictions and personal top picks.

Speaking of the Draft, July 24th will be the first official day of the brand extension. So until then, anything can happen in WWE. That’s what they say and those like me still hold onto that belief. Without further ado, here are my five picks for The Boss.

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  1. Nia Jax

No one has made quite an impression for the NXT Women’s Division quite like Nia Jax. She remained dominant through her NXT tenure and what a way to kick off her main roster career than to be the partner of The Boss. Both women are on the Raw roster and will make a statement should they overcome Charlotte and Brooke on Sunday night.

  1. Paige

Paige and Banks aided each other recently when Charlotte and Brooke teamed up on the former Divas Champion. Fans are always preaching about consistency and Paige teaming up with Banks would serve that purpose on Sunday. Paige has been in the shadows lately, so for her to accept Banks’ proposal would boost her presence once more. For Paige’s scenario it would kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Naomi

If there is a pick that would come from left field, it would be this one. Naomi is due back from the injured reserve list anytime, and the last time we seen these two together, they were against each other. While Naomi and Tamina both attacked Banks, chances are we could see the two mend up before the brand extension takes place. These ladies have history from the Divas Revolution and I wouldn’t mind a nice send off for the two before separating on Raw and Smackdown respectively.

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  1. Nikki Bella

If my number one pick isn’t it, then this is the most likely choice for Banks. Bella is also due back from injury at any time, and while personally I am not fond of the choice it would serve her well. Charlotte was the one who dethroned Bella’s historic Championship reign, so the ladies already have history. A surprise return could rattle the current Women’s Champion. Bella was one of the few that were left undrafted, which could lead into another surprise as an addition for Raw.

  1. Bayley

I think 98% of the WWE Universe hopes that this is Banks’ pick at Battleground. While Bayley was snubbed at the WWE Draft, fans are still hoping that the snub was for the big reveal for her to be Banks’ partner Sunday night. WWE has been known to bend the rules over the years; surely they could do it this time. I hope, anyway. I don’t even have to talk about the history both women have both as friends and rivals. It would be a memorable debut for sure should this even come to fruition. While we shouldn’t hold our breaths, one could certainly dream.

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