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Five Returning TV Dramas to Watch This Summer

Summer will be here soon, and with it comes a strange mix of programming, usually full of reality and experimental shows. This list is the five returning dramas I believe viewers should tune into this summer. There are tons of people talking up the new shows the networks have, so I want to shed some light on returning shows everyone should set their DVRs to. I’ve given a few thoughts and asked the questions that fans of these shows want to know going into the summer.

If you haven’t seen the previous seasons of these shows, add them to your Netflix Que NOW! If you don’t want previous season spoilers, then this post isn’t for you. (All show descriptions below are from IMDB.)

Longmire, Season 2

May 27, A&E

Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Widowed only a year, he is a man in psychic repair but buries his pain behind his brave face, unassuming grin and dry wit.

[adinserter block=”1″]This was the sneakiest show of last summer’s season. Procedural shows don’t usually offer a lot depth in their characters and storytelling, but this is a “sort of” procedural, “sort of” soap opera. No matter how much they try to minimize Katee Sackhoff’s (Vic) appeal, it just doesn’t matter… her Battlestar Galactica sexiness shines through her dirty rustic jeans in each and every episode.

Now back to the show itself. It’s obvious to me that Walt Longmire and Vic are going to hook up at some point (despite his new love interest and her husband); it is just a question of when. There’s also no way Branch is just going let go of his dream to replace Walt as sheriff. What’s the fallout of Branch’s relationship with Walt’s daughter Cady? The biggest question is: Did Walt murder the man who murdered his wife? I don’t anticipate getting an answer to that question this season, something that intriguing probably will take more time to sort out.

The Killing, Season 3

June 2, AMC

Follows the police investigation of the murder of a young girl, tying together three interlocking stories as investigators chase a variety of leads.

This show makes the list for their ineptitude more than their great storytelling. I was one of the foolish people who invested their time and energy into the first two seasons, waiting for a payoff that would dazzle me. What I got was an accidental/intentional killer that made all of the previous plots frivolous. It’s like a long-term bad relationship: You already wasted all of your time so you’re trying to salvage the relationship by any means necessary. I hope they have a new direction with a logical summary to their next mystery.

True Blood, Season 6

June 16, HBO

In a world where vampires have “come out of the coffin”, Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, discovers a new world of different creatures when she meets Bill Compton, a vampire.

Where has the time gone? Vampires, faeries, panthers, shape-shifters, werewolves, and maenads have been introduced during the years, and I’m sure things will only get more supernatural and even stranger. There hasn’t been a show with more plots, sub-plots, twists, or turns, since Lost, in my opinion. Tara’s a vampire now, Alcide is the new pack leader, and Andy Bellefleur has impregnated a faerie. Those are just three plot-points that I can think of off-the-top of my head. Jason Stackhouse is always doing something stupid, so what’s this tool going to get into this season?

What’s funny is, I thought this was a show ultimately about the love between Sookie (a human) and Bill (a vampire) but it’s hard to imagine these two ever getting back together now that Bill has drank Lilith’s blood (and apparently became the most dangerous vampire ever). Will Bill create his own “Authority?” Can anyone stop him now with his new powers?

Dexter, Season 8 (final season)

June 30, Showtime

A likeable Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.

How long can a serial killer get away with his crimes anyway? Showtime will bid farewell to their most successful show ever this season. This show has personally given me some anxiety attacks as I’ve watched Dexter manipulate himself out of situation after situation. Last season we watched Deb struggle with knowing who her brother is and has always been. How will she come to grips with her own “dark passenger,” knowing she killed LaGuerta to protect her brother?

I have a strong feeling that Dexter will not make it out of this series alive. Too many people will look too foolish if his activities are ever made public. He works in the police department for God sakes! I predict his sister puts him out of his misery nice and quietly without anyone else being the wiser.

Breaking Bad, Season 5-Part 2 (final season)

August 11, AMC

[adinserter block=”2″]Informed he has terminal cancer, an underachieving chemistry genius turned high school teacher uses his expertise to secretly provide for his family by producing the world’s highest quality crystal meth.

This is also the final season for this great series. I personally think there are enough good things going on to squeeze out two more seasons, but all good things must come to an end eventually. It will be interesting to see what happens to Walter White now that his brother-in-law Hank has figured out that he is the biggest meth dealer in the area. I am also eager to see how Walt’s relationships will with his wife, son, and friend (or whatever) Jessie culminates? Walt can’t possibly make it out of this situation alive, can he?

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