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Five Things That Would Make for an Awesome 2015 in Wrestling

2014 was a memorable year if ever there was one. This was the year that gave us Daniel Wrestlemania moment, Sting in the WWE, the launch of the Network and TNA fighting for survival.

[adinserter block=”1″]Yet such is the speed at which pro wrestling moves, that no sooner have we digested all that, than another year comes pouncing forth, sure to bring with all manner of weird and wonderful moments.

There’s an awful lot that could potentially happen in 2015.

Dolph Ziggler could wind up headlining Wrestlemania, The Big Show could go a whole calendar year without endlessly skipping back and forth over the heel/face divide, TNA could land that one ex-WWE star who finally sends them rocketing to the stratosphere, though let’s face it, they probably won’t.

Still, it’s fun to imagine, right?

With that in mind, here’s five things that, should the stars align and miracles happen, would make 2015 one of wrestling’s most exciting years for a long while.

5) TNA finally ‘gets it’
OK, so I was joking about them landing another former WWE star to take them to the top, but wouldn’t it be nice if TNA finally did get their act together in 2015? With a new TV deal in place, there’s never been a better time for Dixie Carter’s outfit to look back over past mistakes, draw up a whole new battle plan, and head out to produce the kind of quality wrestling programming they’ve shown flashes of in the past.

Look, I’m not saying they should be attempt the Monday Night Wars v3.0, that ship sailed into a big quagmire of crap a long time ago, but having a viable alternative to McMahon’s product can only be a good thing in this writer’s opinion.

4) WWE consistently pushes someone
2014 was another frustrating year for fans fed up which the E’s stop-start approach to pushing some of its most talented -or at least marketable- talent.

Just when it looked like we were finally getting somewhere with D-Bry and the whole ‘Yes’ movement, we saw Dolph Ziggler once again Yo-Yo up and down the card, on form one minute, on the floor the next. Bray Wyatt looked sure to become the company’s biggest boogeyman for years, and then, well, most of us are still trying to figure quite what happened there.

As the year began to draw to a close, Ryback’s return to the upper tier, coupled with an impressive Survivor Series outing for Mr. Ziggler gave us a glimmer of hope, though if history is anything to go by, this may not last.

Still, much like TNA, WWE as a whole year ahead of them to correct course and give stars like Ziggler the kind of consistent push fans have been crying out for.

3) UK fans get the WWE network
I get it, this one won’t have much appeal to those outside the United Kingdom, but for those of us stuck on this cold little island, getting our hands on a Network subscription would certainly make those endless grey skies a little easier to tolerate.

2) Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion takes off
Again, as with TNA, the more viable options we have to get our wrestling fix, the better. Judging by the news reports, the TNA founder has been working flat out to make GFW a resounding success, and here’s 2015 is the year the company really flourishes.

1) Sting vs. The Undertaker happens at Wrestlemania
According to all sources, this one is now such a long shot that it seems destined to remain forever in the imaginations of fantasy bookers everywhere, but hey, wouldn’t it be something else?

[adinserter block=”2″]Sting vs. Undertaker: The first time, the last time, the only time. Ever. Two legends, the one dream match that seemed so far out of the realms of possibility for so long, finally happening. Win or lose, both men shake hands at the end and ride off into the sunset to enjoy their retirement.

Instead, it’s much more likely that we’ll get Sting vs. Hunter somewhere in the new year, and whilst that still has all the potential to be something special, it won’t quite make 2015 the awesome year it could be like Sting/Taker would.

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