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Five Scenarios For The CM Punk Vs. John Cena MITB Match

Will CM Punk win the WWE title in his last WWE match?The pro wrestling community is buzzing about the different scenarios for CM Punk’s last WWE match. Punk will be challenging John Cena for the WWE title during the final hours of his contract at WWE Money in the Bank 2011. This opens up some very interesting options and I thought it’d be fun to break them down.

Punk vs. Cena at WWE Money in the Bank 2011 was announced on RAW Monday night and the wrestling blogs went wild immediately. Due to Punk’s long history on the independent wrestling scene and Ring of Honor, he has developed a very loyal following online. It didn’t take long for those Punk-A-Holics to get drunk on the idea of their favorite wrestling personality headlining the next WWE pay per view.

For those of you that don’t know the story, a few weeks ago stories popped up on the Internet about CM Punk leaving the WWE. Punk’s WWE contract is reportedly up and he is choosing not to re-sign. The WWE and Punk finally acknowledged this on Monday night and are using to add drama to the Money in the Bank main-event.

[adinserter block=”2″]So with that said I thought it would be fun to sharpen the proverbial WWE creative team pencil and take my hand at booking Punk’s “last match.” Here are five fun scenarios that I put together using the typical WWE logic and a little outside of the box thinking about how the Punk vs. Cena main-event is going to play out.

Scenario # 1 – John Cena pins CM Punk. I figured I would put the most obvious and least creative finish at the top of the list and get it out of the way. Did you ever notice that whenever you think the WWE is going to change the title and have Cena do the job that they rarely, if ever do? Well, the reality is that out of all possibilities, this is probably the most likely. Remember how fun we thought it would be to have Dave Batista and Chris Jericho go over Cena for the title when everyone knew they were leaving to throw us a curveball? Remember how that turned out? Unfortunately history is not on our side here.

Scenario #2 – CM Punk pins John Cena for the WWE championship and signs a 24 hour-4 week extension. This is probably the second most likely scenario for their match. Punk was involved in practically the same angle when he left ROH which saw him wrestle the champion after it was announced he was leaving, win the title, and stick around for two months. Again going back to Batista, Batista wound up staying past his notice date to squeeze a few more weeks out of his final series with John Cena so why can’t Punk?

In this scenario the pay per view ends with fans wondering what the heck is going to happen with the WWE championship. The next night Punk appears on RAW and calls out Vince McMahon. Punk makes outrageous demands from McMahon that nobody in their right mind would meet. John Cena saves the day and begs McMahon to accept the demands, and even offers to help meet them. McMahon agrees, but only to a 24-hour to four-week extension signing the final match for either that night or more likely SummerSlam. Cena vs. Punk headlines SummerSlam with one last shot to bring his baby home.

Scenario #3 – CM Punk beats John Cena for the WWE championship and leaves the WWE. Yes you read that right. Punk wins the belt and disappears into the land of early retirement, or does he really? How about this? Punk leaves and does not show up the next night on RAW. Instead, Punk sends in videos over the next several weeks teasing Cena and the WWE.

The videos maybe show Punk on vacation (in Orlando teasing TNA Wrestling), Punk just lounging at home, Punk on jet skis, etc, but always with the WWE title and with no interest in coming back. Over the next few weeks John Cena challenges Punk and practically begs him to come back for one last match. Once he realizes Punk isn’t coming to him, he comes to Punk and becomes something of a stalker (maybe he can tips from the Warrior). Finally one night we get the old Cena breaking into Punk’s house and stealing the title back. Punk returns to the WWE for that one last match, drops the belt to Cena, and returns to semi-retirement.

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As fun as that angle would be (and you can probably see the heavy influence of Memphis wrestling as I am a huge fan of the old Memphis stuff), this angle probably has as much a chance of happening as we have of seeing Matt Hardy back in the WWE by the end of the year.

Scenario #4 – CM Punk defeats John Cena for the WWE championship at Money in the Bank but leaves a loser. Punk can barely stand up after wrestling such a grueling match. The announcers put over how terrible it is that Punk is leaving with the WWE title and then…remember it is Money in the Bank! The Money in the Bank winner (who I think will be Alberto Del Rio) comes out demanding his match, the bell rings, and we have a brand new WWE champion.

This opens up a ton of possibilities. For one, you put Cena back in the role of challenger for the next few months which is where he is most valuable in my opinion. Two, you get that heat back on Alberto Del Rio because let’s face it. The bloom is off the rose. Three, you follow through with your summer plans of a Cena vs. Del Rio feud. Four, and finally you open up the door for CM Punk to return as a babyface and feud with Del Rio, possibly for WrestleMania 28.

Scenario #5 – CM Punk wins the WWE championship and actually leaves. This is probably the least likely scenario but hear me out on this one. Punk beats Cena for the WWE title and makes his exit. He isn’t coming back and the WWE makes that clear on Monday. Vince McMahon concedes that they made a mistake and in order to rectify it, he overrules any ruling by the anonymous G.M. and makes a tournament to crown a new WWE champion. The quarter finals take place over a few weeks on RAW with the semi-finals and final match taking place at SummerSlam.

[adinserter block=”1″]During this time to get the angle over maybe you have Punk appear at a few independent wrestling shows (if those are in his plans) with the WWE title? Can you imagine the backlash as a heel he would have upon coming back if he teased the WWE universe from time to time with pictures of him holding the WWE title, similar to scenario #3?

Some reports indicate that Punk will be signing a new WWE deal but take some time off over the next few weeks. If this is the plan, than this finish scenario opens the door for a huge champion vs. champion match when CM Punk returns. Remember back to WrestleMania X when Shawn Michaels returned for the I-C champion vs. champion series with Scott Hall? We get the same thing here and Punk comes back bigger than ever before as the returning champion.

As exciting as most of these scenarios are, the box has been closed on “out of the box” creativity in the WWE offices for a long time. Yet all Vinnie Mac needs to do is take some of that tape off of the box and we can get a really exciting story here. Unfortunately it’s been years since that has happened in Stamford, CT but we can all hope right?

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  1. You forgot what I think is the most obvious scenario…

    The VKM screw job. It could work two ways.
    1) He nails John Cena and VKM and Punk celebrate as heels to end the show (implicating that Punk had indeed resigned and been in league with McMahon the whole time).
    2) VKM nails Punk costing him the match and the PPV ends with John Cena victorious. This second option would itself open up a number of ways to follow up on the angle, being
    i) Punk has time off. Cena stays as a face and is angry at VKM.
    ii) Punk stays to seek revenge. Cena heel turns with VKM.
    iii) Punk stays. Cena stays face. They both have problems with Vince…

    …Anyway we all get the point. There's a lot that could happen tonight. BUT remember… Vince McMahon is involved so it's still not too late for him to completely ruin everything, I dunno, b cancelling the match and replacing it with a Dance Off!


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