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Five Memorable Pro Wrestling Moments

On January 7th, 2014, I marked my fourteenth year of being a wrestling fan. A lot of you are probably thinking to yourselves “What is a girl like Meagan still being a wrestling fan all this time. She is a nice girl and doesn’t look the type of be a wrestling fan at all”.

Well even though I’m a nice girl that likes wrestling as well as having the music likes ranging from Rob Zombie, Deftones, Red, Slayer, Metallica, Disturbed, Hatebreed, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin and so forth with rock bands, I’ve been a wrestling fan for all this time. You see, I’m not the type of girl that goes drooling over the hot guys in the ring even though some of them are attractive. It doesn’t make me a fan. If you have the ability and can wrestle, I will cheer or you, but if you’re going to shove them down my throat and so forth, I will not cheer for them. That’s my personality.

[adinserter block=”1″]But enough with my ranting about here. I’m here to talk about the five moments of my time watching wrestling that stood out to me the most. Some of them might be recent, some of them might be in the past and I need to get out of my comfort zone about talking about Women’s Wrestling as well because I cannot feature them all the time. Now, I present all of the readers at Camel Clutch Blog, the 5 moments of Meagan being a Wrestling Fan. Here we go.

Kane’s unmasking after he lost the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H (2003): As a young kid, Kane used to scare the living nightmare out of me when he would speak with that electronic near his throat (which today, still scares me when someone else uses it). When I would watch Kane videos when he first started talking, I would mute the volume because it scares me, but when he dropped that and said “Suck It” without that thing, I would warm up eventually, but he would still scare me when he would talk, but I had to realize that it was a mask. When Kane had the open mask, I opened up and was not scared any longer because the mask was opened by the mouth, however, it was his unmasking that would make me fear of him once again. It was June 23rd, 2003 and I was watching this match. Back then, I was anti Triple H because I didn’t like him at all and always wanted him to lose that title. I was cheering for Kane hardcore and wanted him to keep the mask. However, when he lost the match and had to unmask after being hesitant of doing it, I had to shut the TV off because I was scared out of my mind and thinking “I have to see this to believe it”. I was a second late after he unmasked and choked slammed RVD right after. I was frozen and standing in shock looking at this, but realized in the end, Kane was not “burned”, but had of reign of terror the remainder of the year that I would never forget.

Shane McMahon nearly kills Kane (October 6th, 2003): Another moment from 2003 and yes, this was on my thirteenth birthday and I was celebrating it. As the day was winding down because I had school next day and it was the day after my birthday, I remember sitting down on the floor of my living room and getting ready to watch Raw. Kane was the first person out to start the show and he faced off against Rosey in a match. Right before he was about to do his pyro, Shane McMahon’s theme song kicks in as Shane came out of nowhere and attacked him from behind. Shane would run away and Kane going on a rampage of him looking for Shane McMahon. Kane found Shane and chase after him again as Shane did go in the limo. I just remembered Kane smashing the windows and Shane popping out of the found and letting go as the limo FLEW and hit that truck. For a second, I REALLY thought Kane was dead as that was a really scary moment. I also thought we would’ve lost the screen because the impact of the limo was insane. I also remember seeing Stone Cold having some worry as well. I’ll admit, that was scary, but I cannot say that was a nice birthday present for me.

Trish Stratus and Jeff Hardy’s “On Screen Relationship” (July 9th to July 24th 2001, March 17th, 2003 to April 7th, 2003): Even though I was a little disappointed in this storyline, this makes my list of moments. Of course, I’m a sucker for love and of course, I love to seeing some pairings on TV that are awesome in wrestling as well. This “on screen relationship” stood out for me the most even though I didn’t root for Trish Stratus in 2001. I remember Jeff Hardy having a match with Big Show and Jeff was getting his butt kicked the entire match. Trish would come down and check on Jeff right after and lay the biggest kiss on him, ever which would lead a question from Lita on the Smackdown right after as the both of them faced off to settle there differences. Lita would win the match and it would lead Torrie Wilson kissing up on Jeff Hardy right after to make Stratus, jealous of her. On the RAW right after Invasion, Torrie Wilson would show up backstage with Jeff Hardy as she wanted to get some paddle practice on Jeff, but Trish would come up and ask what was going on. I remember Jeff saying “Trish, she’s got a paddle” and Trish saying “paddle this B***h” and smacking her. However, right after that, Jeff and Trish’s on-screen romance would end due to Trish’s injury to her ankle, but when she returned, she was seen in the back during the Survivor Series meeting sitting next to Jeff and talking with him. It was two years later that we would see them be on screen again, but in a different situation.

After Jazz would leave Trish behind and fight for herself and lose the match to Victoria and Stevie Richards, Victoria wanted to end Trish in the ring with a chair, but Jeff Hardy would come out of the back and save Trish from harm’s way. After Stevie was cleared out of the ring along with Victoria, Jeff would help Trish Stratus up and then lay another kiss on her as Trish’s head had green paint on her. The week after, we saw Trish and Jeff team up with Stevie and Victoria, in a winning match. Trish was going to repay him with a kiss right after, but it was interrupted by Jazz. During Wrestlemania in the Triple threat match, I was expecting Jeff Hardy to come out and help Trish, but she would fend off Richards and win the title. The night after, Trish would fend off Victoria and Jeff would win the match against Richards. Right after, both Trish and Jeff got snugly in the ring, leading me to think to this day “If Trish had to help Jeff here, then why wasn’t he at Mania helping her?” The last week and the final time these two would be on the air was the iconic Rock, Trish and Jeff segment with the Rock Flirting with Trish and her denying him as Jeff was right behind him as well and then with the Rock challenging for a match. The both of them would finally kiss in the backstage area as Trish stood in the back. Since that match, the relationship ended as I was expecting twice to Jeff to help her out from being attacked, but Hardy was released right after the April 21st episode of RAW and the relationship would end there. I wanted one last run in 2006 when he came back, but it was Carlito that had Trish for her final On screen pairing.

Triple H’s Return to WWE (January 7th, 2002): Since yesterday was the anniversary of this return, I remember it like it was yesterday. A couple of months prior, Triple H tore his right quad in a match as that was considered to be his near career match with that serious injury. With Triple H being told he could never wrestle again, he got that surgery, went through hell during rehab. This made you wonder if he was going to be the heel or make that face turn. That was a big question I had going into 2002, but as soon as Triple H’s theme song would hit and considering that it was in Madison Square Garden out of all places, the roof shook and Triple H was turned face that night. It was a moment that I never would forget and everytime I watch that, I still get chills with the cheers. That had to be the greatest return in my opinion and it was very emotional as well.

Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar; Eddie Guerrero’s Passing (February 14th, 2004; November 13th, 2005): I have to split these into two parts. The both of them I remember very well as I do go back and watch them along with crying my eyes out as well.

Starting with Eddie Guerreros’s Championship win at No Way Out. Right after Eddie Guerrero won a shot to get a shot at the title, I remember watching the Smackdowns right after and seeing all this hype about this. I really wanted Eddie to win the title, but I couldn’t just see it happening against Lesnar. While watching this, I saw Eddie cutting the most upsetting promo ever with him admitting he was an addict, a promo that still upsets me this day when I watch it, but I knew for a fact that Eddie wanted to win this title A LOT. No Way Out was coming up and I was getting ready for this show. I didn’t care about all of the matches and the only one I wanted to see was this match and ONLY this match. While watching this match, I was seeing that they were going back and forth and hearing the commentary during the match. I was biting my nail the whole entire time and looking at this as match while biting my nail as well. I really thought Brock would be done after Goldberg speared him, but it wasn’t the end. I was shocked and really thought Eddie was done when he was F-5’d, but he was dropped on the belt. Hearing Michael Cole’s voice and the emotion that he had in his voice, I watched until I saw Eddie pin him and get the three. When he got that final pin fall, I was so happy and screaming for his big title win over Lesnar that I lost my voice the next day. It was a moment that I would never forget.

However, I have to go to the sad part and that was the following year in 2005, and at the time, I didn’t have a smart phone that had net access like I do now in my iPhone. So back then, I was using my mom’s phone that had Yahoo Instant Messenger, which was cool to use at the time and I was walking to Kmart to see if a video game that I wanted to get was in stock. I logged on and talked with my friend about how his weekend was and he asked me “Have I heard what happend to Eddie Guerrero?”. I said no because at the time, I was not allowed to use a computer with my stepdad being home. As soon as I returned from Kmart, I asked my mom if I can use a computer to see something, my mom said what for and I explained to her that my friend told me that Eddie Guerrero passed away. The both of them were a little hesitant, but agreed as my mom went down. We looked on on the downstairs computer as we just stood there, frozen with tears in our eyes. My mom went to use our gateway while I was on the Dell and from the time I was on to the time I got off to head to bed, I watched and watched Eddie moments. I was sad and in mourning at the same time.

[adinserter block=”2″]The next day, I wasn’t feeling well and stood home from school. I had to wait until my stepdad was on the use the computer and from the time he left, I watched Eddie moments until Monday Night Raw came on. I just remember watching on the TV and the emotion that everyone had. The one moment that stood out to me the most was the young kid crying as his father held him as he wept. A moment that is still in my head to this day.

So those are the moments that stood out to me during my time of being a wrestling fan. I have some more, but when the big fifteen comes around, I will give all of the moments for the CCB.

Thanks for reading.

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