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First Pig Heart Transplant Patient Dies After 2 Months

Science and Technology have developed over the year with various scientific developments are celebrated. From finding the cure for fatal diseases to fighting the global pandemic science has been intact. What’s strange about such developments is the chances of them going in the wrong way. Such an incident of scientific chaos occurred in the United States.

David Bennett, 57, died Tuesday at the University of Maryland Medical Center in the United States after receiving a heart transplant from a pig. His condition has been worsening for many days, according to doctors. In a strange heart transplant, Benett was transplanted with a pig’s heart.

David who is 57 years old was also the first person in the world to receive a pig heart transplant. Unfortunately, he could not survive for too long as he passed away just two months after the transplant. However, the reason behind David’s death has not been revealed by the hospital. The hospital has been constant in David’s life since the transplant.

According to reports the hospital also used to publish David’s weekly updates regarding his health. Bennett’s son expressed gratitude to the hospital for giving the last-ditch trial, noting that the family hoped it would aid future attempts to alleviate the organ scarcity. In a statement provided by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, David Bennett Jr. said, “We are grateful for every inventive moment, every wild idea, and every sleepless night that went into this historic endeavor.”

He further said that “We hope that this narrative is only the beginning of a new era of optimism, not the end.” For decades, doctors have hoped to employ animal organs in life-saving transplants. Bennett, a handyman from Hagerstown, Maryland, was only a candidate for this last effort because he faced certain death otherwise: he was ineligible for a human heart transplant, bedridden and on life support, and had exhausted all other possibilities.

Bennett’s son told The Associated Press after the procedure on Jan. 7 that his father realized there was no assurance it would succeed. But the hospital authorities and family did have the trust of his recovery. Due to all these hopes, only Bennett lasted far longer with the gene-edited pig heart than Baby Fae, a dying California newborn who lived 21 days with a baboon’s heart in 1984.

“We mourn Mr. Bennett’s death. “He was a strong and wonderful patient who battled until the end,” said Dr. Bartley Griffith of the Baltimore hospital. Other transplant experts said Bennett’s death shouldn’t hinder the hunt for ways to utilize animal organs to save human lives. A transplant surgeon at NYU Langone Health who had had a heart transplant remarked.

“This was the first step into new territory.” Several transplant facilities would use “a huge quantity of data” to organize the first clinical studies. “He was kept alive for two months and allowed to enjoy his family,” Montgomery said.



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