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Fire Breaks Out Inside Ajax Stadium Before Feyenoord Clash

The game got way too heated up.

Ahead of the bitter clash between the rivals Feyenoord and Ajax, a fire broke out in the stadium stands. The accident caused the match to be delayed and started later than the scheduled time.

Many footages of the accident have surfaced on the internet and some shots actually looked quite apocalyptic however despite the accident occurring in a packed stadium, no injuries or deaths were reported.

Here are more details about the accident ahead of the match:

Cause of the Fire

On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out in stand behind one of the goals of the Johan Cruyff Arena ahead of the match in Eredivisie which was supposedly the biggest domestic game of the Netherlands.

The fire accident that occurred ahead of the clash between Ajax and Feyenoord was reportedly not done intentionally. The fire occurred because of a pyrotechnic display as multiple flares from the display were set off near the pitch. As soon as the fire broke out, a big flame and a dark cloud of smoke were visible from the bottom of the stand.

The flares were set off from the pyrotechnic display and apparently caught a banner that made the flames spread further. The officials were on the action immediately and the fire was extinguished pretty soon but until then, a cloud of smoke had already filled the stands. No immediate reports were reported occurring because of the flames or the excessive smoke.

However, because of the smoke, the match between Ajax and Feyenoord was delayed. According to reports, the match was scheduled to start at 1:30 pm local time or 12:30 pm GMT. The firefighters were immediately on the scene to put out the fire but the kickoff was still delayed for 5 minutes.

According to the reports, the supposed pyrotechnic display was set up for an Ajax fan that died in 1997. After the fire was put out, the game was able to be continued without any further problems occurring later on.

The Outcome of the Match

At the beginning of the match, Feyenoord had everyone on their toes as they took the lead at the 8th minute. The match was an important one as Ajax was only eight points ahead of Feyenoord as they were in the third heading into the game.

Erik ten Hag, the Ajax manager discussed Feyenoord and said: “I have been busy with Feyenoord. I know their principles and I can imagine what they are like. Yesterday I did not see much of their match, but I know how they play. They have no secrets for me. But now it’s a totally different Feyenoord than in recent years. Feyenoord wants to dominate on the ball, they have an idea on the ball and exert high pressure with equally high intensity. That’s a difference from previous years.”

In the end, Ajax won the game by 3-2 and currently leads the scoreboard with 66 points.



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