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Finn, Gallows & Anderson Need to Reunite in the WWE in 2018

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“Spread the word around

Guess who’s back in town

The boys are back in town” – Thin Lizzy

WWE’s booking of Finn Balor in 2017 was horrendous. Plain and simple.

After being on the shelf for a number of months, the first ever Universal Champion returned to RAW the night after WrestleMania 33. With high hopes and expectations, Balor was dead set on regaining the Universal title; the same title he relinquished due to an injury at the hands of Seth Rollins. Those hopes dwindled with time.

A drawn out feud with Bray Wyatt that ended with the Demon King reverting to a pumpkin. A glimmer of hope & a vote of confidence from Paul Heyman that ultimately turned into Samoa Joe challenging Brock Lesnar and NOT Balor. Recently, rumors began circulating that Finn would be shipped off to 205Live, mainly due to the fact that good ol’ Vincent Kennedy McMahon believed he wasn’t “over” enough to challenge Lesnar for the title. Balor used the Twitter machine to dispel those myths and welcome any challengers, big or small.

In a nutshell, this year could not end quickly enough. But when one door closes, another one opens.

The first RAW of 2018 kicked that door wide open. Balor entered Kurt Angle’s office with a smile as wide as a football field. Why do you ask?

For starters, he entered himself into this year’s Royal Rumble taking place in Philadelphia. And then the coup de grace’. Balor had found himself a couple of partners for a three man tag match later that night against Elias & the Miz-tourage. None other than his good brothers from NJPW & Bullet Club OG’s, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

Folks, the boys are back in town.

The reunion was both special & successful, with the newly formed Balor Club picking up the win. WWE’s answer to the Bullet Club is a breath of fresh air and a step in the right direction for all involved. Each of these individuals needed a shot in the arm; a push to help rejuvenate the reputation these men once had, and the potential they still possess.

It’s too soon to start believing that this formation will be long lasting. Remember; fans were granted a dream match back in October at the TLC Pay-Per-View with Balor picking up the win against the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. At the end, the two shared a gesture of “too sweet” in the middle of the ring. And for at least one night, all was right with the world. Until the following night on RAW, when Kane ultimately squashed Balor. This fate could be possible for the newly formed trio.

But fate is in the hands of those controlling it. WWE has afforded these men an opportunity and it’s up to them to make the most of it.

Remember, the Bullet Club was built on the foundation of these gladiators. Balor was their leader, with Gallows & Anderson serving as the muscle. There’s no reason that creative shouldn’t let this scenario play out again. While Balor may be a fan favorite & top merchandise seller; a heel turn is a possible & almost necessary move. And becoming a “villain’’ doesn’t necessarily mean the fan base would turn on him. It makes the group dangerous, even cool, for lack of a better word. But more importantly, it gives them all a purpose, rather than laying stagnant in the mid-card.

If we are talking a fantasy booking idea; then yes, I have one of my own.

With Gallows & Anderson now back in the spotlight, an obvious push in the tag team division doesn’t sound out of the question. Hypothetically, if they were to face off against Rollins & Jason Jordan (assuming they still have the titles going forward), I could see Balor getting involved in the matchup. With the referee distracted, he hits a sling blade on Jordan, or even Rollins; redemption for injuring him at Summer Slam almost 2 years ago. Gallows & Anderson capitalize and become two-time Raw Tag Team Champions.

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Now that Gallows & Anderson have gold around their waist, it’s time to pay it forward for their leader. We are all keen to the fact that Roman Reigns will be walking out of WrestleMania 34 with the Universal Championship. He is a 99.9% lock as the face of the WWE, christened by Vince as the chosen one. Maybe not right away, but by the time Summer Slam rolls around in 2018, Balor builds up enough momentum. He challenges Reigns for the title he never lost, 2 years to the date. The match goes back and forth. Reigns hits a devastating Superman punch and is waiting to deliver a gut shattering spear. Before he can unleash it, Gallows & Anderson sneak through the crowd while Balor distracts the ref; as a good heel would do.

Magic Killer on the outside. Reigns is laid unconscious. Balor takes advantage, rolls him back into the middle of the ring.


And NEW Universal Champion. Finn Balor.

Anything can happen in the WWE. I look forward to seeing where this storyline will take them all.

Remember, we are one superstar shakeup away from Balor, Gallows & Anderson joining Smack Down Live.

We’ll see you soon AJ.

-Smark Nation

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