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Finn Balor Wants to be WWE World Champion in 2016

Finn Balor fans have big expectations of the WWE NXT champion in 2016. None are bigger than Finn’s himself as he recently revealed a lofty goal for 2016. But Balor has unfinished business in NXT before he goes for the Roman Reigns’ championship.

Finn Balor is arguably the most talented talent the WWE has in NXT right now. I say arguable but in my opinion, he’s far and away the best they have in NXT and one of the top five in the company altogether. Which begs the question as to why he isn’t there.

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Finn doesn’t just want to be there, he wants to dominate. Balor listed his New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 recently on his Twitter account, with one in particular making headlines.

Balor wants the WWE world title and while he may not be the prototypical champion by size we are accustomed to seeing, he certainly has a shot at it. Balor has proven (in my mind) that he can connect with this or any other audience. Yet a week before posting this tweet, Balor told Sam Roberts that he isn’t ready to move up to the main roster.

“I really believe that what we’re doing here in the Performance Center what we’re doing with NXT is something that’s going to be remembered for years. I feel like to get quote, unquote called up to the main roster would be, maybe, like a step back for my career right. Obviously, instant gratification, you get called up to the main roster, that’s great, but I think what we’re doing here in NXT will stand longer in history as kind of like a revolutionary period and to kind of pull myself out of that would be detrimental to my career in the long term.”

Balor finds himself in his own personal dilemma. He wants to be WWE world champion in 2016 yet he has an emotional attachment to NXT. At some point something has to got to give and when you take into consideration the money he is being paid (more so than anyone in NXT) by WWE, his dividends will be paid on the main roster.

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Unfortunately for Balor and fortunately for a lot of us, I think he moves up to the main roster by the summer. I would even go as far as to call him a likely candidate to win Money in the Bank this year. If the goal of NXT is to get talent ready for the main roster, Balor’s spot will be given to another talent in preparation for the main roster. It’s just simple mathematics and Balor and NXT are living together on borrowed time.

As for Balor’s goal, whether he will become WWE world champion in 2016 depends on a lot of different variables. I’d love to see it happen but I don’t think it goes down in 2017. Yet if he can come up and “change everything”, I think he sets the stage for big things down the line.

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