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Finn Bálor’s Comment After Final NXT Appearance Confirms That Training Under Bill Demott Sucked

finn balor

On July 30 in Houston, Texas, Finn Bálor made his final appearance in NXT along with Jax, Rawley and Carmella.[adinserter block=”2″]

At the conclusion of the main event, Bayley called them all to the ring for a proper send-off from the crowd. Midway through the 16-minute farewell, Bálor takes the mic and spoke about the level of passion and talent of everyone still in NXT, and mentioned Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Hideo Itami by name.

The former NXT champion also puts over current NXT trainer Matt Bloom and the culture he’s created since taking over for Bill DeMott. Bálor didn’t name names but it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about DeMott and how his “tough love” approach to training recruits was a little too much.

“But you know who’s done more than anybody to take it to another level? It’s a man that goes by many names: A-Train, the Hip-Hop Hippo, Giant Bernard, Tensai. But we all know him affectionately as our coach, Matt Bloom. And he single-handedly, from the day he took over at the Performance Center, changed the way we treat NXT from the inside. Because I’m telling ya, before Matt Bloom was here, it was a struggle. And now, every single day we walk into the Performance Center, we walk in with a smile — and it’s thanks to that man standing over there.”

Here’s the entire 16 minute video of the closing moments of the Houston show.




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