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Finn Balor: Fact and Fiction

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Finn Balor should be over. He should be the biggest star on Monday Night Raw. He should be the WWE Universal champion and he should be selling out arenas all over the world as the main event star. This is Finn Balor’s time and WWE should make it happen.

This is what WWE fans are saying about the Irish-born Superstar. In fact they’ve been saying it for quite some time. But it’s really taken off lately, as the rumor mills are turning with Vince McMahon’s supposed lack of faith in the Bullet Club founder.

So what’s real? What’s the truth? It’s hard to tell and that’s always the case. What begins as whispers online typically explodes into a raging fire that cannot be contained. That’s exactly what happened here. Even Balor himself has acknowledged the rumors recently, leading many to believe there’s no truth to it at all.

After all why would anyone smile over being misused? Is he being misused? Or is he just living his dream and not sweating the details? To assume that a top player like Balor would be okay with second place is to assume wrong. Finn surely cares about what happens to him and how he’s presented.

However there could be things that fans don’t know. Could it be that WWE has plans for Balor that only he knows about? Maybe he’s taking it all in stride because he knows that something big is just on the horizon.

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Is that something a Bullet Club reunion?

Everyone seems to think so. The idea that Finn would just turn heel for no reason seems preposterous, especially considering that he’s been booked as a top babyface. But then again this is WWE, who doesn’t always seem to know which way to go on any given day.

Finn could indeed turn on the fans that love him and join Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Stranger things have happened. But this is not a case of a guy unable to connect, so his character is tweaked. Balor has connected. He’s over with the WWE faithful. He’s not Roman Reigns in dire need of a makeover.

So why turn him heel? To heat him up? The fact is if Balor does turn heel and hooks up with The Club, then he would immediately become the must-see Superstar of Monday Night Raw. But isn’t that what he is now? The danger in turning guys heel is that they will become too popular and fans will cheer them. Hence, the heel turn was for nothing.

But Balor is already popular. So what is the answer here? Many fans believe it’s a Universal title match with Brock Lesnar. It’s obvious that Balor has worked hard for such a match and Lesnar’s recent bout with AJ Styles shows what The Beast Incarnate can do with a smaller talent. Styles is arguably the best in the world and he gave Lesnar all he could handle. Balor would certainly do the same.

AJ lost however and there is no way around that. He and Brock did have a good match and some may say a great match. But in the end, Lesnar dominated as always. He tossed Styles around the ring as if he were nothing. This wasn’t a wrestling match, this was a beat down. AJ got his spots in but the end of this match was easy to call long before it ever happened.

Lesnar is WWE’s cash cow. That’s how it is. The air of invincibility surrounding him was penetrated only by Goldberg, who lost in the end as well. Lesnar looks as impressive now as he ever has and it’s obvious that WWE is setting him up to lose on a huge stage to a huge name. Otherwise, what’s the point of his monster booking?

Lesnar must hand off to the next guy and that guy will likely beat him clean. Of course Brock will want a rematch but that rematch probably won’t come right away. That means the man that beats him will be crowned the next big thing. Do fans really believe this will be Finn Balor?

What is the benefit of Balor working Lesnar? If Finn does not win, then what is point? Assuming the two would have a five-star match, and they surely would, where would Balor go afterward? Does it become an accomplishment on Balor’s resume, a dream match that he can cross off his wish list? Would that make fans happy?

The truth is that as long as Lesnar is the man in WWE, he will crush everyone put in front of him and hat includes Balor. So unless the plan for Balor is a victory over Lesnar for the championship, then it’s back to square one. It puts fans in a weird spot because Balor was presented to them, they connected with him and now they want him to be successful.

Yet every time he gets close, he takes a step back. It’s not about occasionally losing matches, that’s to be expected. Not every loss means the end, no more than every win means super stardom. But Balor must always be perceived as an elite Superstar in the company and if fans don’t see that, then they complain. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for him; that’s what WWE hoped would happen.

But as long as Balor remains just on the edge of doing big things, then fans are going to wonder why he’s not getting over the hump. Being unfairly compared to Dolph Ziggler is not helping Balor but it does raise an interesting point. Will fans eventually give up on Balor’s potential as they have with Ziggler? Will the carrot be dangled one too many times until fans decide they’ve had enough and move on to the next guy?

Or is that also an unfair comparison? The only ones who truly know are Balor and WWE. Until something changes, the speculation will continue. Fans want the best for Balor and that should never change.

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