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Find Out How Toyo Became Dabi in My Hero Academia Chapter 350

The final battle between the forces of All for One and the heroes continues as Dabi reveals how he changed into the villain he is today in My Hero Academia Chapter 350.

The final battle against All for One and Shigaraki continue as Deku returns to the battlefield that has been set for him, against the ultimate counterpart to the young hero, Tomura Shigaraki.

When is My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Being Released?

You can follow the action and craziness of My Hero Academia and the climax of the entire series with the culmination of the final battle for absolutely free on the official website of Viz Media.

The writer for the My Hero Academia is currently taking a leave for this Friday’s release, so you can expect the next release of chapter 350 on April 8 if everything with Kohei Horikoshi is fine, and we want her to take all the time she wants because at the end of the day she is also a human being.

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Recap

After the last chapter, Deku rejects the advances of Himiko Toga leaving her determined to kill the trio of Deku, Uraraka, and Tsuyu. But before she can hold Deku in place, Uraraka makes a diversion, and Deku sets off to the stage in the sky.

At the beginning of the chapter, we see Deku using three of One for All’s powers, trying his hardest to reach the stage set for him and end Shigaraki. But as he is moving recklessly forward, the second user of One for All reminds Deku of the consequences of using all of his energy.

Amongst telling him about his equipment’s capabilities, the second user makes it very clear that his equipment will not be able to withstand One for All at 100% which could make it possible for him to reach faster.

Another warning that he tells Deku is that he should stop making use of the meta ability of One for All as it is to be used as a last resort, building the suspense of when Deku will eventually use this power.

Toga’s Revenge For Twice

Back at the seaport where Toga, Urakara, and Tsuyu are battling, Toga makes it very clear that now that she has been turned down by Deku, the only thing remaining is to kill them as she wants to be done with them and be done with the hero society as a whole.

The stage is set for Uraraka and Tsuyu to show off their improved abilities and skills as they take on Himiko Toga while she holds the blood of Jin as well ability to perform his quirk, Sad Man’s Parade.

Dabi Vs Todoroki: The Battle of Brothers

The chapter ends by taking us to Dabi and Todoroki as we see that the heroes planned Dabi’s defeat by having three associates of Endeavor’s agency, as well as Ingenium, who are accustomed to the scorching flames of Dabi alongside Todoroki who we saw, had mastered a trump against his brother in preparation for the final battle.

The battle rages on with Dabi and a huge Nomu also gets dragged into the battle at Kamino Ward. Dabi and Todoroki share a heated conversation about the stakes that this battle has on the entire society of this world.

As the flames of Dabi and Todoroki clash, so do their words and Todoroki asks the question that all of us had about Toyo turning himself into one of the fiercest villains as Dabi.

Get fired up because the story of Dabi’s birth is coming in the next release of My Hero Academia as the final battle gets fiercer.



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