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Finally Chris Hero comes to the WWE – Inside The Wheelhouse

Kassius Ohno (Chris hero)A couple weeks ago a good amount of wrestling fans rejoiced to the news of Chris Hero signing with World Wrestling Entertainment. I was one of those many fans that shared that same sentiment as it was a long time coming for one of the best available wrestling talents on the independent circuit today. For years it looked like Chris Hero was becoming the “Susan Lucci of Wrestling” because he had appeared to be the last of an amazing era in independent wrestling that had not received the chance to showcase their skills on the stages of the WWE or TNA.

Hero is part of that historical era of independent wrestling shortly after WCW and ECW closed their doors. He wrestled on the roads with many other greats from that era including CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Colt Cabana, Samoa Joe and a slew of others.

[adinserter block=”2″]They tore through territory’s of independent promotions like wrestlers did in yesteryears and gained notoriety thanks to word of mouth, the internet & DVDs. Hero along with many other wrestlers, gained their following similar to the way wrestlers 30 years prior did but on a much more advanced technological level.

The fact that Chris Hero was the last of these great talents to get recognized by WWE and TNA was an absolute shame. But the fact that they didn’t come knocking on Chris Hero’s door led to some motivation that cannot go without acknowledging because it led him to his current deal with the WWE. For a guy who traveled over the United States and across the world, there was room for improvement for a well respect wrestler amongst many wrestling fans.

He may not have the “look” the WWE or TNA was looking for. I remember Chris Hero wrestling in what I would describe as the “superhero” singlet he would wear for a good portion of his career and rumblings on the internet that he didn’t look to be in the shape the big companies wanted him to be in. Instead of being discouraged Hero hit the gym and got himself into shape where he was looking like the “build” of a nationally televised wrestling star.

Then, for whatever reason, there were rumblings about his in-ring techniques. So what did Chris Hero do? He continued to learn from various other wrestlers and countries around the globe. His already good in-ring work was becoming better.

Finally the last part of the puzzle was becoming one of the best wrestlers on the microphone in the entire independent circuit. Hero was already cutting great promos but they got better, they got methodical, they became emotional and whether he was a heel or face you connected with him. For a well respected independent wrestler before all of this Chris Hero would suck up a lot of pride, fight to get better and finally get recognized by the WWE where a deal was signed.

Out of all the CM Punk’s and Bryan Danielson’s of the world Chris Hero’s story may be the best of them all because of his longevity on the independent circuit and the respect he received from so many fans. He was the last of a great era of independent wrestling and it was becoming unfair that he was not yet given the opportunity to showcase his career at a higher level. It was never a question of “if” he would be signed but a matter of “when.”

[adinserter block=”1″]The fans watched him grow from his former persona “wifebeater” into Chris Hero and then onto other ventures like IWA-Mid South, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and of course Ring of Honor. The story from a fans perspective has been fun to watch and has made his deal with the WWE very rewarding to witness as a fan. We will all be excited to watch and see what is next for this great wrestler as he approaches this next chapter in his career.

He may be now known as Kassius Ohno but to many fans, my self included, he will forever be “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero. Congratulations Chris, you deserve this and earned it. We cannot wait to see what is next for you.

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