Fantasy Football Week 12 Studs and Duds


Drew BreesThis week of Studs and Duds features names that have been on this list multiple times this year and those that are not only carrying their football teams, but the fantasy teams that they are on.


Drew Brees: Was there any doubt that this man would lead the list of studs? His performance last night against the Patriots was nearly perfect. The fact the same number of incompletions as he did touchdowns with 5 is mind blowing. He made the Patriots defense look like the Lions defense that he played in week one. Drew Brees and Saints might just go undefeated and as long as the Vikings are close in the standings, Brees and the Saints will be fantasy studs.

[adinserter block=”1″]Brett Favre: Speaking of the Vikings, this man is on another level. Like I have stated before, I hate his man with such a passion, but I have to respect his ability to play football. He destroyed my Bears and almost broke his record for passing yards as a 40 year old. It looked like he was his old super bowl form with the way he was slinging the ball and smiling the entire game. As previously stated, as long as the Vikings stay close with the Saints in the standings, Favre will be a fantasy stud.

Chris Johnson: Anyone who is playing against Chris Johnson, better prepare for a 20+ point effort from him. This man is insane and everyone, whether fantasy or real football, should fear this man. He is unreal and has been compared to the great Deion Sanders in breakaway speed and game-breaking ability. That’s a pretty good comparison in only your second year in the NFL. With the Titans not slowing down anytime soon, I don’t see Chris Johnson doing so either. Whoever owns Johnson in a fantasy league, congrats, you have the most dangerous player I have seen in a long while.

Other Notables: Aaron Rodgers/Donald Driver, Tony Romo/Miles Austin, Phillip Rivers/Antonio Gates, and Justin Forsett


Tom Brady: Way to not be clutch Tom Brady. He was the complete opposite of what Drew Brees was during the Monday Night Football game. He had some awful throws and eventually got pulled at the end of the game to stop any further bleeding that he already had. Another reason why he is a dud this week: One of my friends was down 5 points in his fantasy league and had only Pierre Thomas to go against a team that had Tom Brady to go. The team with Pierre Thomas ended up winning. Fantasy owners don’t need to worry though; he’s Tom Brady, the golden boy. Also, the Saints pass defense is probably the best in the NFL. No worries.

Jake Delhomme: I’m just going to come out and say it: John Fox needs to bench the awful Jake Delhomme. Not only did he throw another 4 INT game of the season against the Jets, but his passes looked more like punts with the way they were floating up in the air. Clearly Delhomme has lost his ability to lead an NFL team and if Fox doesn’t want to have a losing season, he will bench Delhomme and start running the ball again. Delhomme’s highest TD game was 2. Delhomme’s highest fumble game was 2. The man is a turnover machine and the Panthers look to be sinking with him.

[adinserter block=”2″]Eli Manning: In a game that Manning and the Giants needed so badly, Eli played just as bad. It is true that I am not a big Eli fan and haven’t been, but in his sixth year in the league, he needs to play like the franchise quarterback he is. But what about last week when he tore up the Falcons pass defense? For those of you that don’t know, the Falcons secondary is in shambles and has tons of injuries. Josh Freeman looked like a solid QB against them and almost led his team to victory. Eli needs to step up and produce as a real Manning in the next three games against Dallas, Philly, and Washington, or the Giants have no shot this year.

Other Notables: Jay Cutler, Brandon Jacobs, Panthers rushing attack, and anyone who went out for a pass against the Saints D

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