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Fantasy Football Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups

Jamaal CharlesI am not a big believer of playing with the waiver wire too much in fantasy football. I think some people get a little crazy with it and are willing to drop better long term options in exchange for a one-week wonder. However, those of you on the cusp of the playoffs may need a bye week fill-in or some insurance as we near the fantasy football playoffs. Here are a few of the hot names to look out for this week on the fantasy football waiver wire and free agent list.

Jamaal Charles – The Ryan Moats hype may be the best thing this week for those of you that waited on Jamaal Charles. I picked up Charles last week as soon as Larry Johnson was sent home, knowing that he’d be available since he was on a bye week. Moats will probably be the first running back taken this week, which leaves you a great option deeper into the waiver or free agent wire. Charles will be the starting back in a committee, but what separates him from the rest of the backs is his ability to catch the ball.

[adinserter block=”1″]Quite honestly, I would recommend Charles right now over Moats to Steve Slaton owners. For one thing, the situation in Houston is a mystery until we see how Sunday’s game against Indy plays out. Two, the Texans are on a bye next week and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Oakland Raiders who are horrendous against the run that week. While Larry Johnson is technically available for the Raiders game as of this writing, he has yet to face discipline from the league. Even if Johnson is available, I would play Charles because he is a better blocker and will get more opportunities down the stretch. Finally, Johnson is on an extremely short leash for the rest of the season which gives Charles much more upside than any other running back you’ll find on the wire. Grab Jamaal Charles and thank me later.

Malcom Floyd – The speedy wide receiver from the San Diego Chargers just got a big upgrade yesterday when the Chargers released Chris Chambers. I am a little more bullish on Floyd than some people I know. The reason I like Floyd is because of the Chargers passing offense. You saw what happened Sunday when an opposing team game plans for Vincent Jackson. Floyd will get his balls, and has quietly been a consistent producer for the Chargers. The Chargers play both the Titans and Chiefs down the stretch and both are terrible against the pass. Floyd isn’t someone I’d start every week, but he could be a nice bye week fill-in over the next couple of weeks. I’d grab him if you are low on receivers and stash him away for a rainy day.

Fred Davis – If you owned Owen Daniels, you are in trouble at the wrong time of the fantasy football season. Instead of plugging in Houston’s new tight end, I’d recommend grabbing Fred Davis from the Washington Redskins. For one thing, the Redskins have a favorable fantasy schedule for tight ends coming up. Davis is not a blocker and unlike Chris Cooley who may spend an entire game blocking, Davis will be primarily in there to catch. Cooley hasn’t been ruled out for the year, but I highly doubt he is coming back and if so you could probably grab him off of the waiver wire. Davis has the Atlanta Falcons this week and could potentially put up Daniels numbers against them and the Eagles in a few weeks as well. The Redskins also play the San Diego Chargers in Week 17 who are terrible against the tight end. Davis could be the difference in Week 17 if your league plays through the season.

Vince Young – My judgment may be clouded here by memories of the greatest Rose Bowl finish of all-time, but he isn’t a terrible pickup if you are in need of a quarterback. Those of you in a twelve-team league probably don’t have many options. Rather than look at the Titan’s opponents coming up in terms of teams favorable to quarterbacks, I am looking at their schedule in terms of running back points. The Titans have a pretty good schedule for a running/option quarterback like Young. Teams are going to be gaming more for Chris Johnson, which will leave Young open to do some real damage. I don’t know if I’d ever start him, but if you need some insurance coming up for the playoffs he may be your man.

Ryan Moats – I don’t like the pickup at all but I feel the need to talk about him because of all of the hype. I think people are looking at his numbers and not his opponent. There is a reason that the Buffalo Bills are the worst team in the NFL against the run. A speedy back like Moats should be putting up three touchdowns against them. Here is the bottom line on this and I have written extensively about it already. Moats is never going to start over Steve Slaton. Moats doesn’t have the receiving or blocking skills of Slaton. Moats wasn’t even the primary backup to Slaton up until this point. The bottom line here is whether Slaton is the “starter” or not, would you ever play Moats if Slaton was playing? You’d be crazy to do so, but at the same time if you really need a backup or want to screw with Slaton’s owner in your league than grab Moats.

[adinserter block=”2″]Green Bay Packers Defense – I rarely waste time writing about defenses, but this is a team that I picked up myself to cover my bye week. The Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants both have bye weeks coming up and you probably drafted them high. While the Giants are working out, the Vikings are producing and you really need to cover yourself this weekend while they are on a bye week. The Packers have some great matchups coming up, including this weekend against Josh Freeman who is starting his first NFL game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At this point, I would probably drop the Giants for the Packers altogether. If there is one thing I can say about the Packers it is that they don’t have letdowns. The Packers treat bad teams like they should be treated and they play some pretty bad teams coming up. Due to the Vikings game last week, they are probably available on waivers. Grab them and ride the Pack if you are in need of some points from your defense.

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