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Fantasy Football Week 9 Studs and Duds

This week was full of redemption from the previous week and continued dominance in the fantasy game. Also I believe that it will show the emergence of new fantasy studs for many weeks to come.

[adinserter block=”1″]STUDS:
DeAngelo Williams:
Where was this in the first couple of games of the season? The Panthers are a running team and have a stud running back in Williams. He was 1 yard away from his third 150 yard game in the past 4 weeks. Add that to 5 TDs over that span and it looks like the first round pick many spent on DeAngelo is finally panning out. John Fox is trying not to lose his job so he will just keep giving Williams more and more carries so he can repeat this effort every week.

Chris Johnson: Whenever continued dominance is mentioned, Chris Johnson can’t be far behind. Looks like the Titans are following my advice and giving the ball to Johnson more than 25 times a game. This will usually equal in a great week for fantasy owner of Johnson because against the 49ers he rushed for 135 yards and 2 TDs and busted out another 40 yard run. The man is an absolute beast right now and don’t look for him to slow down anytime soon.

Michael Turner: As I said last week, Turner is running like a completely different back. He is back to his human bowling ball act like he was last year. His stats were 16 attempts for 166 yards and 2 TDs. I think the Falcons have noticed that he is back to his old form and are going to give him the ball much more than putting the game on Matt Ryan’s shoulders. I predict he should have similar numbers next week against the Panthers as well.

Kurt Warner: Well that was a quick turnaround. He goes from throwing 5 INTs to throwing 5 TDs the following week. It is true that the Bears Defense looked awful when Warner was in, but he looked like a true stud against them. The fact that they pulled him because they were up by so much, then put him back in, only to have him score another TD shows that he was truly dominant against the Bears.

Notables: Randy Moss, Steelers D, Greg Olsen, and Larry Fitzgerald

Joe Flacco:
The Bengals D yet again had Joe Flacco’s number. Flacco was missing throws all day and only completed 8 passes to his wide receivers. Put this on top of his less than 200 yards and 2 INTs and he looked like a rookie again. You have to give credit to the Bengals D as well, but Flacco looked like a deer in the headlights against the finally impressive Bengals D.

Eagles Passing Attack: Against the Cowboys, D-Nabb looked very average after playing against the Giants D and their go to wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, had only two receptions for 29 yards. When a team usually has more passing attempts than rushing attempts, like the Eagles do, they either live or die by the passing game and they died big time. As a person who stared McNabb and Jackson in my fantasy league and have them put up a combined 11 points I am completely disappointed. I don’t think that this will be a trend that will continue, but the Eagles passing game has been so good and so bad in certain games, it’s hard to tell which one will show up for the following week.

[adinserter block=”2″]Kyle Orton: I was so happy to see Captain Neckbeard fail against the Steelers. I am a huge Bears fan and have never thought Orton was any good. Well look what happens when he plays a good defense in the Steelers; he completely falls apart. I understand that he isn’t supposed to be the stud quarterback of a team, but people were talking about him being a must start fantasy QB. But recently when he plays good defenses in the Ravens and Steelers, he has a combined 373 yards, 3 INTs, and 0 TDs in those two weeks. Have fun with the real Kyle Orton Denver.

Packers D: You just gave up 38 points to one of the worst teams in the league who had a rookie quarterback making his first start. This is after giving up 38 points to your most hated rival, the Vikings, at home. Packers D looked good for two weeks but they are going nowhere fast and something needs to be fixed.

Reggie Wayne, Marques Colston, Giants D, Steve Slaton

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