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Fantasy Football Week 8 Waiver Wire Pickups

Shonn GreeneIt is that time of the week again for Fantasy Football players. It is time for fantasy football players to scan the free agent and waiver wires and look for a diamond in the ruff. Thanks to some unfortunate injuries and quarterback changes, there are quite a few diamonds available this week. Let’s take a look at how you can turn around your season or pick up some bye-week insurance off of your fantasy football waiver or free agent wire.

Shonn Greene – It is rare that a running back opportunity like this comes along this far into the fantasy football season. New York Jets running back, Shonn Greene is likely going to be the first waiver wire pick up this week, so if you are in last place you will get your first shot at Greene. Leon Washington wasn’t your average number two back for the Jets. The Jets do a pretty good job of getting touches and passes to both backs. Washington is out, and Greene looked fantastic in relief against the Oakland Raiders. Better yet, the Jets schedule is favorable to running backs. The New York Jets play the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Weeks 13 and 14, who are two of the most generous teams in the league for fantasy football running backs.

Alex Smith – Alex Smith replaced Shaun Hill on Sunday and put up three touchdowns and 206 yards in just one half for the San Francisco 49ers. Smith is a high risk/high reward at this stage in the season. If you are contending and need a quarterback due to a bye week, I would probably avoid Smith. If you are hanging on by a thread and need to do something desperate, I’d grab Smith. We won’t know if Smith was a one week wonder or not for another week or two but if you are desperate you need to take a major gamble and Smith may be your man.

Alex Smith is a 4-year veteran which gives him an edge over a rookie or young quarterback coming into a game, having a good day, and then coming down to earth once defenses prepare him (see Mark Sanchez). Here is the big reward with Smith. The San Francisco 49ers have a Week 16 game against the Detroit Lions. For most of you, Week 16 is your championship game. By Week 16, you’ll know what you are getting from Smith. Why not grab him, stash him on your bench, watch closely, and stun your league by winning the championship with Alex Smith?

Fred Davis – Washington Redskins blogging tight end Chris Cooley is out for the year and Fred Davis is in. Like Smith and Greene, Davis impressed coming off of the bench in Week 7. Davis had a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles, which isn’t saying much considering how many points the birds give up to tight ends. The upside on Davis is that he is known more as a catcher than a blocker whereas Cooley could give you zero points due to blocking all game. I owned Cooley and had him on the bench because I just don’t trust this Washington Redskins offense. However, the Redskins do have some juicy matchups for tight ends including a game in two weeks against the Atlanta Falcons and a rematch in Week 12 with the Philadelphia Eagles. I am very dubious of anyone on the Redskins, but if you owned Cooley or desperately need a tight end, why not try Davis?

Vernon Davis – I want to stick with tight ends named Davis for a minute because this is a position (and a name this week) that can really take you to the top. The extra 10 points a week or more from a tight end could be the difference in the end. Davis may or may not be available in your leagues, but I see him available in half of my leagues. Davis’ three touchdown day against the Houston Texans is no joke. The other reason I really like Davis are his matchups at the end of the season. Davis has the best matchups of any tight end going into Weeks 15 and 16, which are probably your playoff and championship weeks. The San Francisco 49ers play the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions in your playoff and championship games. Could you not ask for a better matchup for your tight end when it counts? If Davis isn’t available, I would highly encourage you to make a run at him with a trade.

Mike Wallace – He isn’t your 60-minute man for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he is well worthy of a waiver wire pickup. This kid has been on my radar for awhile and finally scored in Week 7. Wallace is picking up right where Nate Washington left off. Wallace is the deep ball threat for the Steelers, yet he isn’t going to get a lot of catches. However, the catches he does make will more than make up for the lack of receptions. You could see Ben Roethlisberger trying to get Wallace involved for weeks now. This past Sunday, Wallace had three receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a lot of matchups that favor receivers coming up, but you know that Big Ben is going to get his numbers regardless. Wallace isn’t someone I would start every week, but he is someone I’d keep in your back pocket if you have room on the roster.

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