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Fantasy Football Week 8 Studs and Duds

Maurice Jones DrewWeek 8 was full of running back tearing up defenses while at the same time the quarterbacks that were predicted to have a solid game did nothing but underachieve.

Maurice Jones Drew:
For the second straight week, Mighty Mouse tops my list on the Studs category. He rushed for 177 yards against the struggling Titans defense but the most impressive stat is that he did this all on 8 carries. For those of you doing the math that’s just over 22 yards per carry. That stat can only be topped by his 80 yard and 79 yard touchdown runs. This was a huge game for Mighty Mouse and has solidified him as a top 2 fantasy running back.

Chris Johnson: On the other side of MJD was the freakishly fast Chris Johnson who ran for a franchise record 228 yards. And like his opponent, his touchdown runs were 52 yards and 89 yards. If the Titans don’t run the ball with Chris Johnson more than 25 times a game they can plan on losing because Vince Young and the passing game won’t get it done. Look for Johnson to start carrying your team, like you wanted him to do all year long.

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre: Both of these quarterbacks carried their teams and it was great to watch an old fashioned shoot out. For those of you that didn’t watch the game, it was back and forth the entire time with Favre coming out on top. Favre had nearly 250 yards and 4 TDs in quite possibly the most hostile environment he will ever face. And Rodgers had nearly 290 yards and 3 TDs and was the Packers leading rusher with 52 yards. This game had everything s fan wanted and look for Rodgers to turn out more of these performances while I think Favre will hand the ball off more to stay fresh.

Michael Turner: Turner was an animal against the Saints rushing defense that don’t usually give up 150 yard rushers. Turner was spotting the holes and hitting them like a bowling ball going downhill. Matty Ice Ryan had another “OK” game, but the reason the Falcons were in the game was the play of Turner and the way to force manageable third downs. This was Turner’s best rushing effort and look for him to continue it against the Redskins and the Panthers in the next two weeks.
Other Notables: Reggie Wayne, Matt Forte, Tony Romo, and Bears D

Kurt Warner:
Good thing he was playing against the bad Panthers offense because this game could’ve gotten ugly. Delhomme had to be smiling that his opponent was the one to have 5 INTs and 1 fumble. Warner was playing like he did when he got cut by the New York Giants. Fantasy owners had to love this matchup against the struggling Panthers, but Warner did nothing but disappoint. The fact that Jake Delhomme outscored Warner in fantasy points is bad enough; but when Delhomme does it with only 7 completions, it’s terrible. Maybe he should’ve gone back to his grocery packing job for this weekend.

Kyle Orton: It’s not that Orton had a terrible game, but in terms of fantasy points he definitely did. He had 23 completions, which isn’t bad, but for a total of 152 yards. That’s about 6.6 yards per completion. Clearly this shows that Orton just checked down the ball and attempted to manage the game against the Ravens as opposed to taking it over. Ravens had an entire two weeks to prepare for Orton but the Ravens defense has been giving up solid quarterback outings to people like Favre and Palmer so Orton should’ve done much better than this.

Steve Slaton: Wow he was bad; so bad that he got pulled. I don’t know about anyone out there, but I started him this week and ended up with negative points because he fumbled yet again. Owners have to be disappointed because he was playing against the Bills rushing defense that gave up 126 yards and 3 TDs to Ryan Moats. Those should’ve been Slaton’s points if he could hold onto the ball. Coach Gary Kubiak said that Slaton will still be involved in the game plan and help out next week but owners have to be afraid to start him when he gets pulled out of a game like that.

Giants D: Good thing the Yankees won on Sunday because the Giants looked like they were a JV team playing against the Varsity squad. During the 3 game losing streak for the Giants, the defense has given up 112 points and look nothing like the team they were through the first 5 weeks of the year. I’m not sure it’s going to get any easier when San Diego comes to town with a high powered passing offense that has seemed to tear the Giants defense up in the past 3 losses. Fantasy owners should start looking for potential replacements for the Giants D with poor matchups following their Bye week with Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, and Philly.

Other Notables: Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams, Phillip Rivers, and Brandon Marshall

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