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Fantasy Football Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

Michael CrabtreeNote: Click here if you are looking for week 7 pickups for the 2010 Fantasy Football season.

We are seven weeks into the Fantasy Football season and hopefully things are looking good for you. It isn’t too early to start thinking about your playoff run. If you are lucky enough to be in that position, it is time to start picking up some insurance policies. The best solution to this is the fantasy football waiver and free agent wire. Here are some great options that may be available in your fantasy football league.

Keep in mind a few things before picking up a waiver wire wonder. One, make sure someone didn’t have a blowout game against a cupcake team. Make sure that the player is consistent and wasn’t just a one or two week wonder. Two, look at their schedule towards the end of the season. If the player has a tough schedule down the stretch, don’t bother unless you are desperate. Three, it doesn’t hurt to grab a guy you will never play just to keep him away from your competition. I have three quarterbacks yet I will probably only start one and another during my starter’s by week. However they are three good-great quarterbacks that are off the board for my competition. With that said, let’s take a look at who is out there in Week 7.

Michael Crabtree – I doubt he is out there, but you never know. I drafted him in two of my leagues and had to drop him early on in one due to space and injuries. Crabtree had no mini-camp and in Week 7 is already expected to get up to 15 plays. That tells me that 49ers have big plans for him and aren’t comfortable with their other receivers. On top of that, Crabtree has a great schedule down the stretch. The 49ers play Jacksonville, Seattle, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Detroit in Weeks12-16. Every one of those teams present great opportunities for wide receivers. Teams will be gaming for Frank Gore and daring the 49ers to throw. Those teams have all given up big points to fantasy receivers this season. He could be your ace in the hole when it counts in the playoffs.

Visanthe Shiancoe and Tony Scheffler – Visanthe Shiancoe and Tony Scheffler are still available in most leagues. There is more parody at tight end this season than any other that I can remember. While names like Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez are sexy on paper, the reality of the situation is that Heath Miller and Owen Daniels are having better seasons than both of them, and Gonzalez isn’t even ranked in the top five. Shiancoe has Chicago twice in the final weeks which have been generous to tight ends. Scheffler has the Eagles, the Raiders, and the Chiefs on tap in the later weeks. The Eagles have been decimated by tight ends thus far, and the Raiders and Chiefs are always easy marks for tight ends. Shiancoe is bound to be taken this week, yet Scheffler is on a bye and will likely be available. Grab him if you can, but go for Shiancoe first if you can get him.

Laurence Maroney – Laurence Maroney finally gets the starting job in New England due to injuries. Maroney was overshadowed early on by Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris. Taylor may be down for the year and Morris is out for awhile. It is rare that you will find a starting #1 running back in Week 7 on waivers, but Maroney is that guy. The Patriots have Jacksonville, Carolina, and Buffalo in Weeks 14-16. There is a good chance that the Pats get up early and give Maroney a ton of carries in the second half. If Maroney can stay healthy, he has a huge upside in the later weeks of the fantasy season.

Matt Cassel – Matt Cassel is available in a few of my leagues and could be great insurance for you if need a second quarterback. Todd Haley isn’t going anywhere and you are going to have a team full of guys playing for their jobs next year. Cassel also has a great schedule in Weeks 12-15. The Chiefs play Cleveland, San Diego, and Buffalo who all have weak passing defenses. There is also a good chance that those teams wind up quitting by Week 12, while Cassel is still playing for his coach and G.M. I wouldn’t start him if you don’t have to, but he could be a great alternative during those later weeks if your number one quarterback is playing tough passing defenses.

Sidney Rice – Sidney Rice is a diamond in the ruff! Anyone that watches the Minnesota Vikings will notice that Brett Favre loves Sidney Rice. Other than his tight end, Rice has become Favre’s go-to guy. Believe it or not, Rice is ranked ahead of guys like DeSean Jackson, Santonio Holmes, and TJ Houshmanzadeh, and Calvin Johnson! If that isn’t enough, check out the Vikings schedule down the stretch. Coming out of the bye, the Vikings have Detroit, Seattle, Chicago, Arizona, the Bengals, the Panthers, and the Bears again. Favre is getting hotter by the week and this team just keeps throwing more and more. Rice has the potential to blow up right when you need him most down the stretch.

Other waiver wire recommendations include; Chad Henne, Mike Bell, Lance Moore, Justin Fargas, and the Green Bay Packers defense.

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