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Fantasy Football Week 6 Studs and Duds

Donovan McNabbIn most fantasy leagues across the country, this was a colossal week for fantasy points. In standard leagues there were 6 players that scored 30 or more fantasy points. Naturally most of them will be featured in the “Studs” category:

Maurice Jones Drew: I guess complaining to your coach about not getting the ball enough did him well. Well that and playing a Rams team that almost seems to enjoy giving up points more than scoring actual points. Of course, MJD did have a season high 33 carries but still managed to reach the end-zone 3 times and put up 133 yards. Mighty Mouse is back and should continue on his tear this season.

Drew Brees: Personally I knew that Brees would put up better numbers than he had in previous games, but in no way would I think he would top 350 yards and score 4 touchdowns. Brees was masterful behind his line of scrimmage that didn’t allow a stacked Giants front 7 to come close to the quarterback. He had 4 touchdowns to 4 different wide receivers and seemed like he was playing the Detroit Lions all over again.

The Entire Patriots Offense: Ok, I know that Tom Brady set an NFL record by throwing for 5 touchdowns in a quarter and should be on the “Studs” by himself, but he wasn’t the only one getting the job done against Tennessee. Laurence Maroney came out of nowhere to record a 100 yard rushing day with some big runs. Kevin Faulk does his typical job, tearing up screen plays. And of course, the duo of Randy Moss and Wes Welker made an already bad Titans defense look like they weren’t even trying. The two WRs literally were calling for the ball on some pass plays for a good 3-5 seconds without being covered. It was ugly.

Matt Schaub: Not only did I think that the Texans could easily upset the Bengals in Cincinnati, but I believe that Schaub and the Texans are a very legit contender in the league, and Schaub showed it. When he gets on a roll like he did and end up throwing for nearly 400 yards and 4 touchdowns, not many defenses can handle him. Slaton and the run game didn’t do too much but they didn’t need to with the way Schaub threw the ball. And remember, the Bengals are a solid pass defense; they are not like the Bengals of old. Look for Schaub to continue to shred pass defenses as long as his offensive line can keep him off his back.

Other candidates: Joe Flacco/Ray Rice, Brett Favre/Sidney Rice, Big Ben Roethlisberger/Hines Ward, DeAngelo Williams, and Thomas Jones.

Steve Smith (CAR): Wow, what a horrible effort put up by Smith. I understand that the Panthers wanted to pound the ball against a bad Bucs defense and I get the fact the Delhomme has lost his ability to fully command his team; but seriously, 1 catch for 4 yards? The Bucs defense had been getting torn apart game after game by every team they played, even the Redskins (which we’ll get to later). He then came out on Monday and admitted to the press that he is no longer “an asset on the team”. I’m not sure if that’s putting blame on himself or saying he’s on the verge of quitting on his team, but that doesn’t bode well for any fantasy owners.

Chicago Bears Offensive Line: Any statistics that read, 15 carries for 23 yards are awful right? Matt Forte did just that, but it wasn’t completely his fault. His line opened up no holes and it seemed like there were 2-3 in the backfield on many of his carries. I am not saying that owners should give up on Forte, but defenses will notice that the Bears offensive line is getting old and seems slow. Forte will get his carries and receptions but it will be up to the line to make sure that he’s worth starting in fantasy leagues.

Eagles Offense: When fantasy owners saw the matchup of the Eagles against the Raiders, I bet they began salivating at the prospect of a huge game from McNabb, Westbrook, or DeSean Jackson. Every one of those owners had to be furious with the way each of those players played. Jackson played well and put up average numbers, but huge fantasy numbers, not average numbers are supposed to be put up against the Raiders. Donovan McNabb was missing passes and finished without a touchdown when Eli Manning had 2 in the first half on limited time against the Raiders just one week earlier. For Westbrook, when you only give a talent like that 15 touches, only 6 being rushes, he can only do so much. Owners should be concerned that Andy Reid may not give Westbrook those rushes he needs to get going. I don’t expect this non-TD trend to continue with the Eagles offense, but it has to point out how poor they played on a fantasy standpoint in Week 6.

Entire Redskins Organization: This may seem drastic but being from the Baltimore/DC area and having to watch the Redskins game every weekend, believe me, it’s an understatement. They played 6 straight winless football teams. That has never been done before and most likely we will never see this ever happen again; and they have gone 2-4. Everyone on the Redskins is a bad start against every team they play. On Sunday, Santana Moss had 1 reception and while it looks like Portis had a good day, if you subtract his 78 yard run, he had 14 carries for 31 yards against the Chiefs. I’ll give you time to soak that in. And that 78 yard run down to the KC 10 yard line was followed by 0 more yards and a 28 yard FG. I repeat, stay away from Redskins in fantasy football.

Other duds: Phillip Rivers (compared to what he usually does), Eli Manning/Giants WR core, Brandon Jacobs, and Mark Sanchize.

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