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Fantasy Football Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups

Chris Redman It is time to start playing the fantasy football waiver wire game. This is an interesting week to play the waiver and free agent wire in fantasy football. One major injury opens up a big door for players that need some help at quarterback. There aren’t any other quick running back fixes, but there are a few guys that can turn out to be sneaky sleepers down the stretch if you have an extra space or two on your bench. With that said, let’s check out some obvious and not so obvious fantasy football pickups from your waiver wire.

Chris Redman, Atlanta Falcons – I thought the days of being tortured by watching Chris Redman games were over. I’m wrong, and this is not your average Chris Redman. Redman will start this weekend for Matt Ryan who is out with turf toe. Redman is a tremendous waiver wire for this week if you are hurting at quarterback. As you saw Sunday, even a Chris Redman is going to put up points when he is surrounded by all of those offensive weapons. Ryan is week-to-week, yet it is very possible he shuts down for the rest of the season. The way the Falcons schedule breaks down, they have the chance to spoil a few teams. Teams are going to look past Redman, and get burnt for it. Grab him and start him Sunday if you need some quarterback relief.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jerious Norwood, Atlanta Falcons – Yes, two Atlanta Falcons are available for the taking off of the waiver wire. Michael Turner re-injured himself Sunday and is questionable down the stretch. Norwood returned for the first time in weeks and had double-digits. There are conflicting reports as to whether Norwood or Jason Snelling will be the goal line running back. I am inclined to think that Norwood will be that guy down the stretch. Norwood got 10 points in one of my leagues off of just six-touches. I like him as a sneaky play down the stretch. Plus, the Falcons have one of the best ff running back schedules when it counts, the playoffs.

Lex Hilliard, Miami Dolphins – This is my stretch of the week her. Hilliard isn’t a guy you want to pick up if you need a quick fix. Hilliard is a guy you want to pick up if you have room on your bench to gamble with a player. I stashed (no pun intended) Ricky Williams on my bench all season and it turned out to be a great investment once Ronnie Brown got hurt. Something lost in all of the Ricky Williams love was a report that surfaced over the weekend. Williams was very sore going into Sunday’s game and with good reason. He started his first game all year and had more carries than he has had in years. The Dolphins are looking to give Ricky 25 touches a game. There is a big chance that at Ricky’s age, his body may not hold up that kind of action as the playoffs approach. There is a big possibility that Hilliard gets more action, and a slight possibility he starts a game or two.

Larry Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals – Oh Larry where were these numbers in the beginning of the season? Johnson started for the injured Cedric Benson over the weekend and had a monster game. Johnson had 22 carries on Sunday and racked up over 100 yards. Obviously he is worthless to you as a fantasy player if Cedric Benson stays healthy the rest of the way. However, there is a slight chance that the Bengals sit Benson in the later weeks if they wind up wrapping up home field by Week 15 or 16. Johnson got the majority of carries over Bernard Scott, so keep that in mind if you are looking for Benson insurance as well. I have a sneaky feeling that Johnson is going to get another start here before the end of the season.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chris Chambers, Kansas City Chiefs – Sorry Dwayne Bowe owners, but your quarterback has a new best friend. Chambers is playing for his career right now. After being cut by the Chargers, Chambers looked like he was falling into that career underachiever hole. However, he has gotten new life with the Chiefs and Matt Cassel seems to have a man-crush on him. Even when Bowe comes back, I suspect that Chambers will be the unofficial #1 wide receiver here. He is averaging 80 yards in four games and has three touchdowns to boot. The Chiefs also have games against Buffalo and Cleveland coming up which are almost guaranteed fantasy points.

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