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Fantasy Football Week 13 Preview and Picks

Peyton ManningIn a good amount of leagues across the nation, this is the final week of the fantasy football regular season. This is the week where you make your final push and starting the following players will certainly help.

Peyton Manning is playing the Tennessee Titans this week and many people are calling for an upset and for the Colts perfect season to end. I, on the other hand, think that these people forget that Manning is the best quarterback in the league and the scariest man when he drops back for an attempt. The Titans have improved drastically on defense and especially pass defense, but Manning will have a 20 point performance and go into the fantasy playoffs a stud.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have to go with my boy Matt Schaub this week. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing of him from me but he is playing the Jacksonville defense this week that is just awful. Alex Smith, who has improved this year, looked like a great quarterback last week. After a heartbreaking loss to the Colts last week, Schaub and the Texans need a win and I can see them running up the score and making the game a shootout.

I just can’t see Tom Brady having another game in which his fantasy owners are disappointed with him. He’s playing at the Dolphins but the Patriots are angry and everyone knows that when Brady/Moss/Welker, the three-headed monster, gets angry that it is bad news for whoever they are playing. Look for Brady to air it out plenty and get his rhythm back after the Saints loss.

I’m just afraid to start any list without leading off with Chris Johnson because he can and most likely will break out for 20 points. The Titans are on a 5 game winning streak and will most likely need to win out to make the playoffs. Having said that, I think that Johnson will carry the Titans to a close game, but not a win against the Colts. Fantasy owners shouldn’t have to worry though, Johnson will be your top scorer yet again this week.

In another game of the AFC South, MJD or Mighty Mouse will bounce back from an average effort against the 49ers. There were reports that he was banged up a bit against the Niners and it showed with his production. With a week to heal and a motive to dominate the game, MJD should be a stud against the Texans defense. If Del Rio and Garrard don’t let him touch the ball at least 25 times, then they are completely crazy and should lose the game.

Rashard Mendenhall should help ease the pain of the Steelers fans and have a huge game against the Oakland Raiders. Big Ben should be fine to play, but I don’t see Mike Tomlin putting him in any danger when he doesn’t have to. The Steelers will establish the run early and run the ball often. The only concern that the Mendenhall owners will have is if they are up by so many points that they let Willie Parker knock off some rust and give him carries.

Look back to the Quarterback category and pick any one of their top Wide Receivers. That would be Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, and Moss/Welker. Any or all of the WRs should have a big game.

I like Miles Austin against a porous Giants pass defense. They have been torn apart in the past couple of weeks and I don’t see Romo and Austin slowing down against a hated rival. Even though that the game will be at the Meadowlands, I can see a Matt Ryan like performance from Week 11, out of Tony Romo. Miles Austin is the man in Dallas and if he comes up big against a division rival then Jerry Jones may be throwing money his way.

With DeSean Jackson probably out of the game for the Eagles in a game that they have to win, Jason Avant and Jeremy Maclin are solid starts for fantasy. The Eagles rarely run the ball and D-Nabb has no problem with throwing another 40 passes in a game. Who is he going to throw to? Avant and Maclin have stepped up in recent weeks and have allowed McNabb to develop some chemistry with them. I don’t expect monster games from either, but solid games are all one can ask for.

I like Cadillac Williams to step it up against the Carolina defense and score owners a double digit effort. The Bucs run game has been awful all year, so I’m not saying he’s going for 20 points, but again, a solid game this late in the year is the only thing a fantasy owner can hope for.

[adinserter block=”2″]Michael Crabtree has an opportunity to step up and become a fantasy delight this week against the Seahawks. Alex Smith likes throwing him the ball and the Seahawks defense isn’t exactly great. The rookie should notch his second TD of the year and show why he should’ve been picked 7th in the NFL Draft.

Chris Redman has the start against the Eagles and with a gimpy Michael Turner I can see him airing it out a bit. Redman has a dangerous target in Roddy White and the most consistent TE maybe ever in Tony Gonzalez.

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