Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire Pickups


Rock CartwrightIt is time to start thinking about fantasy football playoffs. Yes, playoffs Jim Mora Sr.! This past NFL week saw a number of key positions open up on teams due to injuries and depth chart battles. This is a great time to start looking at upcoming matchups and key in on available players that you may be able to plug in to save or win your season. Here are just a few options available on the waiver wire that could boost your team at several weak positions.

Rock Cartwright, Washington Redskins – Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Ladell Betts is done for the season, Clinton Portis is already ruled out for the weekend, and that leaves Rock Cartwright as the starting running back in Washington. Cartwright has been the return man for years and has broken off some big returns during his career with the Redskins. I always liked him on special teams, so I am real excited to see what he can do as a feature back. Cartwright came into the game this past Sunday and put up double-digits against the Dallas Cowboys, who have one of the most underrated rushing defenses. Cartwright was a duel threat in the running and passing game, and I would expect the same in upcoming weeks. Cartwright has a great matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles this week. The Eagles are beat up at linebacker and a back like Cartwright has big potential in the passing game against the birds. Not too mention, the Redskins play the Saints and Raiders the following weeks who are two of the most generous teams in fantasy football for running backs.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills – I was torn on Fitzpatrick and Matthew Stafford but Fitzpatrick has a much better schedule down the way for fantasy football quarterbacks, and Stafford is hurt. The Buffalo Bills are playing for their jobs right now with new leadership on the horizon. The Bills have three great quarterback matchups down the stretch, including one on Week 16 which is likely your championship game. The Bills play the Miami Dolphins this week who give up almost 25% more points than the average team to fantasy quarterbacks. Fitzpatrick also has games agains the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 14 and a gift against the Atlanta Falcons on Week 16. Even Eli Manning looked good against the Falcons! Keep in mind, I wouldn’t start Fitzpatrick over half of the quarterbacks in the NFL. However, he is great insurance as you get closer to the all important championship weeks.

Davone Bess, Miami Dolphins – Here is a guy that is finally living up to his potential. Bess was a highly rated sleeper in pre season, but didn’t get many opportunities early on due to the Wildcat offense. Now with Ronnie Brown out, Miami is incorporating more passing plays in the offense and has just about all but ditched the Wildcat. Bess is getting more action by the week and caught all six of his targets last week against a good passing defense, some of which were very difficult. This guy has a ton of speed and would have already been a top receiver in another offense. The Dolphins have some great receiving matchups in upcoming weeks, although this week’s game isn’t one of them. Next week the Dolphins play the New England Patriots who surprisingly give up more points to wide receivers than you would expect. The week after, the Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jaguars who just got torched by the Buffalo Bills. How would you like to be playing your win-you’re-in-lose-you’re-out game with a receiver going up against a team that gives up almost 25% more fantasy points to wide receivers than the average NFL team? I know I would.

Tony Scheffler, Denver Broncos – Scheffler was another guy who was highly regarded in the pre season that hasn’t live up to his potential on a weekly basis. However, the tight end is the most inconsistent position in fantasy football so he isn’t alone. Unless you own Dallas Clark you probably could use a boost at the position. Scheffler and the Broncos have some tremendous matchups over the next few weeks. This week the Broncos play the New York Giants who were torched by Tony Gonzalez last Sunday. The Broncos also play the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16 who depending upon your scoring system, give up more points to tight ends than anyone. Once again, Scheffler is not someone I’d play on a week-to-week basis. However, he is a great guy to stick in your back pocket for your championship game in Week 16. Additionally, if you don’t grab him someone else may and it could come back to haunt you in Week 16 when you are looking at a tight end who could put double digit point on you.

[adinserter block=”2″]Kansas City Chiefs Defense – I rarely recommend defenses, and there is a reason why. Like tight ends, defenses are extremely inconsistent unless you own the Minnesota Vikings. When you think of juggernaut NFL defenses, you aren’t thinking about the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the Chiefs have a very juicy schedule for defenses in four of their remaining six games. The Chiefs have two games coming up the Denver Broncos, who give up over 45% more fantasy points to tight ends. The Chiefs also have games coming up against the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns in back-to-back weeks! On paper, they have one of the best schedules over the remaining weeks than just about any other NFL team on defense. I also think this is a team that is starting to rally around its coach and could finish real strong overall to close the season.

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