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Fantasy Football Week 11 Waiver Wire Pickups

Justin Forsett One fantasy football player’s nightmare could be your fantasy football dreams come true. If there is any bright spot to losing a fantasy football game, it is the fact that you will get top dibs on the waiver wire. This may be the best week of the season for players with running back needs to get a quick fix. Four starting running backs went down in NFL Week 10 which means that there are four potential starting running backs on the waiver wire this week. Let’s check out some quick fixes and long term solutions as we near the fantasy football playoffs.

Justin Forsett – Of all the running backs I will suggest this week, he may be your best long term option here. Forsett came into the game Sunday for Julius Jones and had over 100 yards and a touchdown against a very good rushing defense. Jones has a bruised lung and could be out longer than any of the other running backs who got hurt over the weekend. Forsett was a really good back in college and is the kind of small, fast running back that could give defenses fits the rest of the way. Don’t be scared of the Vikings rushing defense, Ray Rice had a very good game against them and Forsett is a lot like Rice. Not too mention, the Seahawks have games against the Rams, the Bucs, and the Titans down the stretch who all give up big points to running backs. Jim Mora loves to run the ball and Forsett could really thrive in his West Coast offense in both the running and passing game.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ricky Williams – The only downside here is that while Ricky hasn’t technically been a starting running back, he is probably unavailable in your league. In the Wildcat offense, Ricky has thrived this season and is putting up better numbers than half of the starting tailbacks in the NFL. Ronnie Brown is hurt and likely out for this Thursday’s game. Williams is a very good one-week option, and quite honestly is one of the best flex players in fantasy football even with Brown in the lineup. The Panthers are a good running defense, but an even better passing defense. Pat White and Lex Hilliard will allow the Miami Dolphins to continue the Wildcat offense, with Williams getting the bulk of the carries. Grab him if you can, and keep him even if Brown comes back in the near future.

Jason Snelling – The verdict is still out on Michael Turner’s injury, but it doesn’t look good. Turner’s primary backup Jerious Norwood is hurt also. The Falcons have a great schedule for running backs the rest of the way. Snelling got a touchdown Sunday against the Panthers, who once again have a terrific running defense. Keep in mind that while Turner is down, his offensive line isn’t going anywhere. The Falcons have a great line and Snelling will get his holes down the stretch. Turner’s injury didn’t look good and I would be shocked if he comes back anytime in the next three weeks. Having a starting back in this offense for Weeks 11, 12, and 13 in fantasy football could make the difference in whether you make the playoffs or not.

Leonard Weaver – Unfortunately, Weaver would probably be your worst option here. However, with Brian Westbrook’s future in serious doubt Weaver will get carries. I tend to lean more towards Weaverthe course of the season than LeSean McCoy, because Weaver is likely to get the goal line carries. At the same time, Andy Reid never runs and rarely ever wins in short yardage situations. Both of these guys are low recommendations, but if you need some improvement at running back Weaver could give you numbers throughout the season. In the end, I have a feeling that Weaver is in line for a big fantasy game.

Jake Delhomme – Lord strike me dead for recommending Delhomme, but I kind of like him if you need help at quarterback. I think the worst is over for Delhomme and he and Steve Smith actually look like they are starting to get in sync with each other. Quarterbacks can be really streaky and just when you think they are done, they can turn it around and run the table with great games. For starters, he has a great matchup against Miami on Thursday. The Dolphins give up a lot of points to quarterbacks and I don’t expect things to be any different on a short week. Should Delhomme remain hot, he has two great quarterback matchups in Weeks 15 and 16 which are your playoff and championship weeks. Look for Jake as a high recommendation this week in my NFL preview column.

Brandon Gibson – At wide receiver, Gibson is a good waiver wire add if you are desperate for some receiver depth. Gibson’s role is expected to increase due to Keenan Burton’s injury. Like Delhomme, Marc Bulger is on the verge of turning it around and getting hot. Gibson had 7 catches for 93 yards against one of the best passing defenses in the NFL on Sunday. Gibson has some tremendous fantasy matchups in the coming weeks against the Seahawks, Bears, Cardinals, and Titans. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I watched Gibson in the pre season and I liked him a lot. He made some really difficult catches and was just simply a casualty of numbers in Philadelphia. I look for big things from him in the future and they could come as soon as this Sunday against the Cardinals.

[adinserter block=”2″]I won’t hit on everyone, but if you have followed this blog you have gotten some very productive fantasy players off of the waiver wire. Jamaal Charles, Vince Young, Ryan Moats, Shonn Greene, Mike Wallace, Vernon Davis, Sidney Rice, and Ladell Betts have all been suggested here and have all had some big weeks since then. I look at upcoming matchups, situations, coaching habits, and breakdown their fantasy opponents before I make a high or low recommendation. They all won’t hit every week (nobody will not named Peterson or Jones-Drew), but read closely what I am saying and when to play these guys. Take Jamaal Charles for example. I recommended him solely for the Raiders game and he hit as expected Sunday. So use this information wisely and get a step ahead of the players in your league with some diamonds in the ruff.

Make sure to check out my NFL previews every week for the not-so-obvious high fantasy recommendations.

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