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Fantasy Football Week 11 Studs and Duds

Matthew StaffordThis week in Studs and Duds it features both young guns that showed tons of promise and has the old guys still showing that they can get it done for a fantasy team.

Matthew Stafford:
I know it was against the awful Browns defense but he still became the youngest player in NFL history to throw for 5 TDs. If Drew Brees did this we would be raving about him, so I think Stafford should be praised. He did turn the ball over 3 times but 422 yards and 5 TDs will put anyone in the top of the Studs category for any week. That and him being a complete beast by staying in the game and making the game winning throw with a separated shoulder. That wins my respect and hopefully the respect from his fans and teammates.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ricky Williams: Every pothead’s favorite player because he proves that he is still a very good running back even when he took time off to go smoke in the mountains. And there’s nothing better for a pothead then to prove he’s still useful after being stoned for years. Williams single handedly won a huge game against the Panthers who everyone thought was going to win. Looks like he is going to pick up where Ronnie Brown left off and the wildcat will still confuse defensive coordinators across the NFL. Owners who held onto Williams all year long are going to find a solid fantasy starter for playoff time.

Brett Favre: I hate this man but he continues to not disappoint his fans and fantasy owners. He was 22 for 25 and had 4 TDs on Sunday. He has dismantled defenses and his totals are 21 TDs and 3 INTs. He is not only now a frontrunner for the MVP, but he is a very solid starting QB for a fantasy team where he was probably drafted as a backup. I’m not sure if Favre will continue the numbers or even have to continue them, but one thing is for sure, Favre is back.
Other Notables: TO, Sidney Rice, Eli Manning, and my boy Matt Schaub

Tony Romo:
What is wrong with the Cowboys offense? They look awful until the last two minutes of the game. Romo only had 8 points against a Redskins pass defense that has been torn apart in previous weeks. He had only 158 yards, a TD, and an INT against the Redskins who gave up double digit points to Captain Neckbeard, Kyle Orton, in a single half. It seems that Romo and the Cowboys offense go up, then down all year long. Hopefully for Romo’s fantasy owners, the down period for the offense is over and he hooks up with Miles Austin again to get it going.

Adrian Peterson: Before all you AP lovers out there who have him carrying your team start yelling at the computer screen, answer this. Were you disappointed with AP getting only 82 yards on 24 carries against the Seahawks defense? I’m going to guess most of you are. When a usual stud like AP goes against the injured Seahawks defense in Minnesota he should at the very least put up double digit points. I’m not worried that AP will bounce back against my Bears next week and probably make me eat my own words, but still, AP should’ve been better than 9 points this week.

[adinserter block=”2″]Vincent Jackson: Where has he been the past two weeks? A total of 5 catches for 56 yards in those two weeks is not the stud wide receiver that he was 3 weeks ago. Fantasy owners have got to be disappointed that Jackson has been in this mini slump. Heading into the playoffs Jackson has to have a big game against the Chiefs this week. Rivers had a very average game last week but he still should be hooking up with his favorite target all the time.

Other Notables: All Cowboys pass catchers, Roddy White, Broncos Offense, and Mark Sanchize.

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