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Fantasy Football Week 10 Studs and Duds

Chris JohnsonThis week of Studs and Duds will feature names that have been there all too many times and those who have again disappointed fantasy owners who believed they would have a huge point game.

Chris Johnson:
No surprise here. The man is an absolute animal. Johnson had another game over 35 points and another game over 130 yards with 2 TDs. He is literally carrying fantasy owners who were lucky enough to stick with him through his mini slump. Oh yea, and he added in 100 yards in the receiving game. If the Titans give him the touches he deserves, he could easily be on this list every single week from here on out. And Titans owner, Bud Adams, don’t get too cocky about winning against the Bills by flipping the bird; we all knew you should’ve given Johnson the ball more and now you’ve finally realized it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Randy Moss: The Colts secondary is almost completely on the injury report and Randy Moss made it known to a national audience. With a 63 yard touchdown and a total of 179 on 9 receptions, Moss was his old self. Dominance with speed was Moss’s game on Sunday night and although the Pats fell a little bit short, Brady to Moss will be feared every single week from here on out because clearly they are angry. And you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.

Reggie Wayne: On the opposite side of the ball, Reggie Wayne was equally impressive but in different ways. His longest catch was for 25 yards and it happened to be his first catch of the game. The way that Wayne and Peyton Manning carve out defenses the entire game is like poetry in motion. He may have gotten away with a slight push at the end of the game, but that catch was perfect; it looked like he had stick ‘em on his hands. The 9-0 Colts will go to Wayne all day every day they can.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams went step for step with the mighty Saints and almost came up with an epic upset. Steven Jackson looks like the first round pick he was in many drafts and even Marc Bulger stepped up and was only 2 yards shy of a 300 yard passing game. His last total that was this high was Week 8 of 2008 when he threw for 304 yards. Even when the Saints opened up the second half with a kick return for TD, Rams didn’t go away. I thought the Rams were absolutely awful, but they played like an actual professional football team this week and not one that would have a tough game against the Florida Gators.

MJD (even though he went down at the 1 and lost me my fantasy week), Manning/Brady of course, AP, and Justin Forsett (he’s the RB for the Seahawks for those who didn’t know)

Jay Cutler:
What a disappointment he was in this game. How many red zone interceptions can he throw? As a huge Bears fan this game was just embarrassing to watch. I understand that some of the INTs were not his fault, but it doesn’t matter. In the box score he has 5 INTs against the slumping 49ers D. And for the fantasy owners that I know who have him, well they sent me “Jay Cutler sucks” text messages all Thursday night. Fantasy owners may give him one more chance but they have all but given up on him. As a Bears fan I haven’t given up on him because, hey, at least he’s not Rex Grossman.

New Orleans Saints Offense: Marques Colston, negative points. Pierre Thomas, 3 points, Drew Brees 12 points. In a box score like this you would have expected them to be playing the Steelers D or someone equally as good. Nope, the Saints played the awful Rams defense who is giving up over 378 yards per game. I’m sure fantasy owners were attempting to ride the Saints offense into a win this week and were blindsided by the lack of production. There isn’t too much to worry about here because the Saints are still coached by Mike Martz Jr. in Sean Payton and they still have Drew Brees; but they really slumped this week against a weak team.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jason Witten: This has been a season full of disappointment for Witten owners. His highest receiving total is 77 yards way back in Week 3 and his highest point total has been 9 in Week 2. Every week fantasy “experts” predict that he will have his breakout week that we all thought he should have. Well, it’s Week 11 now and he has done little more than Nate Washington and Benjamin Watson, players who may have not been drafted in your draft. Witten needs to start producing this coming week against the Redskins or it looks like Witten may be benched across fantasy nation.

Notables: Joe Flacco, Bills offense, Steelers offense, and JaMarcus Russell (he got benched against the Chiefs)

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