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Felicity Ace Carrying $400 Million Worth Cars Sinks in the Atlantic

It has been about two weeks since the gigantic cruise liner Felicity Ace caught the public’s attention when it caught fire and burned to the ground.

On Tuesday morning, the 656-foot-long container ship, which had been drifting in the Atlantic Ocean for weeks, sank close to the Azores Isles, the Portuguese navy stated in a statement. On Feb. 25, the vessel “Felicity Ace” lost balance while being towed and went down approximately 25 nautical miles beyond the confines of Portugal’s exclusive economic zone, in a location with a depth of roughly [9,842 feet].”

Cars worth approximately $401 million (£295 million) were aboard the Felicity Ace freighter when it went up in flames on February 16 and started to drift off the coast of the Azores. It took several days for merchant vessels as well as helicopters to safely remove the smoke-billowing vessel’s 22-member crew. After the fire was doused on February 25th, a salvage crew sought to recover everything they could from the yacht.

“The weather was pretty rough out there,” Pat Adamson, a spokesperson for the Felicity Ace’s operator, MOL Ship Management, said to Bloomberg. “And then she sank, which was a surprise.”

(MOL), Mitsui OSK Lines, the Japanese freight company that handled the ship, stated the ship was fighting rough waves before it went down. However, the reason for the sinking remains a mystery.

Some wreckage and a tiny smear of oily waste have been found at the location of the shipwreck. Tugboats are displacing the remnants, which are being watched by the European Maritime Security Agency (EMSA) as well as the National Maritime Authority’s Division of Pollution. Activists are concerned about the possible harm to marine life that might result.

Approximately 2,200 tons of gasoline and oil, as well as metals, polymers, electrical cables, and paint, were being transported by the vessel from Germany to Rhode Island. It is not clear how many automobiles and which variants were on board the ship, but Porsche has confirmed that clients in the United States are being notified by their dealerships.

“We are already working to replace every car affected by this incident and the first new cars will be built soon, ”says Angus Fitton.

Lithium batteries fitted in electric cars may have been the source of the large fire aboard the ship, according to reports. Officials, on the other hand, maintain they have no solid proof to back up their claims. There were roughly 4,000 vehicles from the Volkswagen Group aboard the doomed ship, including 1,100 Porsches including 200 Bentleys, according to the company’s chief communications officer, Cameron Batten.



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