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Fedor’s Trainer Accuses Silva’s team of Illegal Hypnosis – Updated

Fedor Emelianenko could be back in the Grand Prix tournamentSo how did Antonio Big Foot Silva beat the legendary Fedor Emelianenko at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva? Fedor’s trainer has accused Silva of illegal psychological tactics. Yes hypnosis is the reason Fedor lost according to members of his team.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have heard a lot of ridiculous things in my life but this one takes the cake. In an interview with a Russian website, Fedor’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov told a Russian website, “It seems to us that all isn’t simple and certain technologies have been used, – has declared Life Sports Ravens. – certainly, not such which it would be visible to an aided eye. It, most likely, were psychological technologies with which influenced on both fighters on distance from a hall. For this reason during fight Feodor simply wasn’t similar to itself. Feodor’s behavior very strange seemed to me. It left on a ring and has made all in accuracy to on the contrary that we fulfilled before fight. All of us were in shock! Feodor never so didn’t arrive earlier. Now the week will pass, all will settle, and we will understand, why all it has occurred.”

The quote in the story under Fedor’s picture says, “We consider that the forbidden psychological technologies have been used.” I can’t wait to read Dana White’s Twitter.

Critics of Fedor have pointed to Fedor’s relationship with M1-Global, his management team as a big reason for his decline. UFC president Dana White has called them among the worst management teams that he has ever seen. Even Antonio Silva’s manager questioned Fedor’s management after the fight for making the match coming off of a loss. Reading quotes like this helps me understand why Dana White refers to his team as “crazy Russians.”

[adinserter block=”1″]The reason Fedor lost the fight was because he was out sized and literally left a lot of technique back in the dressing room. Fedor was swinging for the fences with his hands down, little movement, and was unable to prevent Silva from taking him down. The huge weight advantage made Fedor easy pickings on the ground. This isn’t to say that Fedor could have come back in Round 3 and pulled off a win. I think that was very possible. But crediting “hypnosis” as the reason Fedor loss is only going to make Fedor and M-1 look like bigger goofs than they already are in the MMA world which is a feat in itself.

Former UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov once said about Vladimir Voronov, “Vladimir is naturally a gifted fighter, more gifted even than Fedor originally. He was born with better qualities, body and everything else. Just mentally he falls short.”

I think we can all agree.

Read the original article here – http://lifesports.ru/news/51518. You will need to drop the url into a translator.

Thanks to MMAFanhouse.com for the tip!

Update: Silva’s manager Alex Davis posted response in a forum to the allegations. “Jeez!! I got cought! I will have to come out with the truth now! I hired a Macumbeiro ( Brazilian wicth dr) and we killed a black chicken on the cross roads. After this,over a few beers, I showed the witch Dr Fedors fights, and he was worried that a chicken wouldnt be anough, so we went out and killed a black goat , just to make sure! Very potent stuff! Realy messed Fedors brain waves up!”

I don’t know if that is definitely Silva’s manager but either way that is hilarious.

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