A New Twist in Fedor’s Next Fight


Fedor Emelianenko What is the quickest way to get a title shot in Strikeforce? Lose! Strikeforce has offered Fedor Emelianenko a heavyweight title shot against Alistair Overeem for his next fight. Yes after tapping out in a little over a minute, Fedor Emelianenko could be rewarded with a title shot.

The news would be absurd for any other organization other than Strikeforce. I like Strikeforce but let’s be honest. They have turned their heavyweight title into a joke. Scott Coker had no problem waiting three years for Alistair Overeem to defend the belt. Then he gives Brett Rogers the first crack at Overeem, coming off a TKO loss to Fedor Emelianenko. Now he wants to offer Fedor Emelianenko a title shot? It doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this…or does it.

The irony here is that Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t want the title match. Fedor Emelianenko would prefer to avenge his loss with a rematch against Fabricio Werdum. Not only does Strikeforce want to give a guy a title shot who just got submitted in a minute, he would rather fight someone else. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

[adinserter block=”2″]The idea behind offering Fedor Emelianenko the title match is to get him to sign a champion’s clause. Fedor has one fight left on his Strikeforce contract. Fedor and his M1 camp would like to see him avenge his loss and increase his value as a free agent on the MMA market. As an attempt to get Fedor to stick around past one fight, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker is obviously banking on Fedor beating Overeem and locking him into title defenses. In a perfect world that sounds great, but in the world of professional athletics it is about as shady as it comes.

This story tells me a few different things about the future of Fedor Emelianenko. It absolutely tells me he has no intentions of signing an extension with Strikeforce before his next fight. If he was open to signing an extension, Coker would make the Fedor vs. Werdum rematch and worry about the title match later. Two, he took the loss harder than he let on and desperately wants to avenge his defeat. Three and most importantly, he must feel that he has an option with the UFC. Dana White said that he has zero interest in Fedor following his loss to Werdum. If that was true, why wouldn’t Fedor just stick around Strikeforce and why would Scott Coker be so crazy about him leaving? Without Strikeforce and the UFC, Fedor really doesn’t have any big time options. The insistence at fighting Werdum and finishing out his contract tells me that Dana White is not done chasing Fedor no matter what he says. At least that is what M1 Global would like to us to believe.

M1 Global still thinks that Fedor in the UFC is very possible. “I think yes,” Vadim Finkelstein said of the possibility of reaching a deal with the UFC. “But not on the same terms they offered us before. We will not let ourselves to get owned. Fedor became very popular [already] outside the Octagon. So, long story short: 1. We would like to receive guaranteed payments. I know that if we agree for percents, they will cheat us. 2. Maybe not a co-promotion (like we offered before), but at least co-branding. 3. They also will have to permit Fedor participating in Sambo competitions, and during our last negotiations UFC were ready for that term.” – Fightline.com.

Good luck with those negotiations Vadim. Apparently M1 didn’t get the memo that Fedor lost. Once he tapped, he tapped out his negotiating leverage with the UFC. When I read a quote like that I realize that Fedor’s chances of appearing in the UFC remain exactly where they were before the loss. As long as he and his handlers carry around that same attitude, I don’t expect to ever see Fedor fighting in the UFC. I am not saying it won’t happen, but not with those kinds of demands.

[adinserter block=”1″]I think it is kind of funny that Strikeforce is so insistent on this champion’s clause when their middleweight champion is on his way to the UFC. It is amazing that Scott Coker didn’t think of this when he negotiated with Jake Shields. Maybe he learned his lesson?

And how do you think Alistair Overeem is feeling after hearing about this latest turn of events? The reason Scott Coker is so insistent on matching up Fedor vs. Overeem is that he assumes Fedor would win and be stuck in Strikeforce for the duration of his title run. If Coker was confident in his champion, this match wouldn’t even be an option. In my opinion, I think Alistair Overeem is being highly underrated in this situation. I think Overeem can and will beat Fedor if that match is to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Overeem take the match, beat Fedor, and then walk to the UFC.

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  1. It's sport and entertainment, get Fador signed to fight UFC whatever it takes & send Dana White Bach to the circus he come from, or he could take Curley's place in the 3 stooges

  2. Fador is 1 of the best to EVER fight MMA. He simply wants to get PAID for fighting. UFC is making big $ they should give Fador what he wants & blow it up like "rumble in the jungle" Ali. UFC will return their investment in Fador's first fight. Dana doesn't want to do it cause he wants to call the shots (cheap businessman) in my psychological opinion. I would pay 5k to see fador fight some of UFC heavyweights. Dana needs to get his head out his ass, like when he wanted to fight Tito Ortiz. Dana is not being a good businessman. He should step aside & let a Jew or Chaldean become the business Face of UFC. Dana has become arrogant & stubborn, we the fans are losing because of it. Sign Fador to 50mil 5 year contract & let the World see some good fights while Fador still has it in him. The entire UFC knows Fador would be a great fit in UFC!

  3. Eric Gargiulo – don't be such a dick. You're insinuating Fedor is some total loser because he tapped in a fight. Every notable heavyweight in the UFC has lost except Cain. While I can agree that maybe he should redeem himself before getting a title shot I think your article is only about bashing because you don't like him. The man has GREAT skills, bottom line. I hope he does end up in the UFC someday.

  4. Wow…If you've actually trained in MMA you would understand why Fedor is one hell of a gifted fighter, please stop listening to Dana White,..That guy is the fraud.

  5. For all the haters, please i hope fedor gets signed to UFC, not because i like it, i think UFC is very g*y, because once Fedor is in UFC, he will f*cking murder every single one fighter so all u little b+tches would STFU.

    The last Emperor!!!

  6. Fedor will find Overeems chin first. Overeems slow movements/ strikes and weak chin is a bad matchup to fedors fast/accurate lead power shots.

  7. Fedor will find overeems chin first. Overeems slower movement/ strikes and weak chin matches poorly to fedors fast/accurate lead power shots (left hook/straight right).

  8. Are u kidding me!!!! The guy is a leaving legend. 10 years without losing, AND he lost by a stupid mistake not KO, he was on top, 1 mistake and everyone is ready to hang him. Guys in general I dislike Russians , but you have to show some respect here, this guy still have a lot to accomplish in mma or ufc. I hope to see more of him in the future.

  9. by the way all his stat cards say he is 31-2 to clear that up and truthfully u can say samething about brock being champ he is a joke beat heath herring, coture who is a quater his size, Anderson silvia beat marquate, and shonnen who likes the juice, maybe couple other it can all be said about every fighter they all have few top competion under there belt the rest are just guys that made a little name and they hope will draw a crowd…. so be honest like him or hate him no loses in 10 years thats a bad ass and everyone gets caught slipping sometime.

  10. Fedor is not a God. He had to lose sometime in his life because he is human like us. but his intelligence makes him the best. I think he is Not A Fraud. Some people just don't like him and they call him a fraud. Why would he be overrated? He kicked more A** than anyone ever did.

  11. Fedor is king of MMA, and he lost to a blackbelt in BJJ because he is so used to beating the shit out of people for his whole career…who cares he'll be back…I really hope he fights Overeem though…Overeem is definetly big compition BIG BIG…he will be in the WGP in December!! Badr or Overeem will win hopefully against the giant…

  12. hey sol man werdum is mediocre ? i heard that he is able to submit some tough son of a bitches sparing and he doesnt even try and that he is one of the best submit artists like that he is really awesome/ i dotn know where your gettign your info from .

  13. Thats not enough all those guys except NOG are mediocre at best and NOG is a big named gatekeeper. You are a person who given the chance would take it up the ass by Fedor. So get off his dick cuz he tapped 69 secs into a fight with Werdum who is mediocre but you probably think he is great cuz he made your idol look like the CHUMP he is. Aint that right TAYLOR?

  14. Randleman? Sobral? Coleman? Herring? Arlovski? Rogers? as if thats not enough. He beat Nog twice as well. Lets see who else Lindland, Semmy Schilt, Naoya Ogawa, and 350 lb Choi Hong-man to name a few. Get off the Dana's dick and understand that just because your not in the UFC doesnt your not one of the best. Fedor has only been beaten once, SOL wouldnt know this if he would take Dana's penis out his mouth.

  15. Fedor should retire and move into politics. He should have retired a year or two ago. He is past his prime and is being exploited by Finkelstein/Ebenstein et al. In the old days, you could see the passion in how he trained – now in interviews he says "it's just a job". Let the guy retire gracefully; don't milk him for the last dollar.

  16. I gotta disagree Fedor is a good fighter with heavy hands. He is still OVERRATED! So what if he is 32-2. Besides Cro-Cop and Minotauro WHO HAS HE BEATEN? Randleman? Sobral? Coleman? Herring? Arlovski? Rogers? All guys Mir could easily beat and he isnt even top 5 in UFC. Just shows how much of a FRAUD Fedor is.

  17. i really wanna see a re-match between carwin and lesnar. but carwin seriously needs to work on his cardio. he was absolutely annihilating lesnar until he ran out of steam. another minute or so of that and lesnar woulda been out or the ref woulda stopped it. i was laughing so hard when lesnar was rolling around like a little baby with his arms up over his head and face. carwin lied when he said he was working hard on his endurance. i think he's too used to destroying guys in a minute or two.

    • if is a big word and i am sure we will see that rematch because no one else is going to give brock any problems.just be careful what you ask for because brock gets better with every fight just ask frank mir.the next fight he will make hamburger out of carwins face just like he has everyone else.i have worked out next to the guy i know just what a beast he is.i just want them to bring on fedor before he gets to old a broken so brock can destroy him as well…

  18. i found the place where the few fedor haters on earth lurk! sorry your champs aren't in his league, guys. dont take it too personally. he made one little mistake in 10 years. point made. đŸ™‚

      • I'll give you props and based on your recognition encourage everyone to continue "nagging" Dana White. He has always promised that the UFC will go after the best fighters in the world. For Fedor to continue his career and miss the kind of competition, I personally think it makes him more focused, he would encounter in the Octagon would be a crying shame. Let's keep bitchin and moanin. And yes, I know Fedor's camp has got to be willing to work with the UFC. I'm just selfish. I don't want to miss it.

      • I think he's talking about all the dudes mostly commenting on this vid…like the douche who said brock lesnar is even a good fight :-S If I weighed 280 lbs of muscle you bet your ass I'd be a world class fighter too.

  19. Fedor is still ONE of the best and if anybody says otherwise they must love brock lesnar.

    He lost by submission from werdum, but look at brock lesnar he lost to frank mir and was destroyed by shane carwin but he won some how. Everybody knows the second time around fedor will beat werdum and every body knows, and if not their in denial. he went 10 years and no loses so he's 32-2 he can loses 5 more fights and still have one of the best record in MMA and thats a fact so keep hating on him but he is still the best>

    • Well I started following it in the late 80s when Akira Maeda opened up UWF although that was worked. But I started following then and stuck with Pancrase, UWFI, and all the way back to UFC 1.

  20. 1. Jake Shields' contract did not have a Champion's Clause because SF just took over his old Elite XC contract.

    2. The Champion's Clause time period does not last until the champion loses. It can last only a year.

    3. I thought the article was poorly written.

    • I have seen nothing anywhere that says the clause lasts for a year. Everything that has been reported states that "a champion’s clause that allows a promotion to extend the length of the deal for its champions." So if that is wrong, please comment on every single MMA reporter's blog and let them know.

      You are right but you missed my point. Strikeforce should have renegotiated his contract before they put him in a Middleweight title match. My point being, before they even consider putting a fighter in a title match they need to have a champion's clause.

      Your comment was poorly written.

  21. Let Fedor PLEASE come to the UFC and he will be where he belongs; surrounded by real heavyweights kicking his ***. No way he will last against JDS, Cain velaquez, Shane Carwin, Lesnar or maybe even Roy Nelson.

    • LOL… the only one of those that has a chance is Cain… the fact you said Roy Nelson would beat Fedor shows you dont know what the hell your talking about…. Fedor would take out every one of those ppl you mentioned in 2 minutes first round… brock lesnar is the worst thing that happened to the MMA world.

    • dude lashley would get raped, did you see his last fight?
      the guy has zero skill, zero ground game, and zero submissions or strikes.
      hell, hulk hogan or ric flair would even do a better job against fedor than lashley, lol.

  22. Give Fedor a break the guy hasen't lost in 10 years. I still think he should have a title shot. But think he should advenge his loss first.


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