Fedor Emelianenko Blames Dana White For Not Signing With UFC


Fedor Emelianenko will always be the one who got away from the UFC. How could the Last Emperor continually turn down millions of dollars from the UFC? According to Fedor it was one man, ironically the same man who wanted him that kept him away.

[adinserter block=”1″]Fedor Emelianenko was arguably the greatest heavyweight fighter of his generation and maybe the greatest MMA fighter ever to never fight in the UFC. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. The UFC negotiated with Fedor and M-1 Global several times and yet could never snag their big fish. Fedor’s critics claim that he never signed due to the competition. Fedor says that it was actually his number one critic that kept him away.

“In my opinion, everything was in Dana White’s hands,’ says Emelianenko. “Because at that moment, I just felt like ‘this guy, he just hates us.’ Like, personally to [me]. There were insults coming from Dana White all the time. There were many very loud things said, but for real nothing happened. It was [all talk].”

Dana White, the same man who was negotiating with Fedor was the reason Fedor stayed away. I always wondered why Dana would mock Fedor and insult his management team repeatedly in public while trying to make a deal at the same time. It never made sense to me and it obviously never made sense to Fedor. Dana has done a lot of great things for the UFC but his influence in keeping Fedor out has to be one of his biggest fails.

This has always been one of my problems with Dana and I am not the only one. I remember having a conversation once with one of the most successful promoters in pro wrestling history about Dana. He told me that he could never understand why White would bash his own talent while trying to promote them at the same time. I remember having that exact same conversation with Tito Ortiz who was constantly being trashed by White at the time…while in the UFC.

I would say that Dana’s inability to sign Fedor is right up there with the biggest fails in UFC history. Dana has always claimed that it was M-1’s instance at co-promoting that kept deals from being done. I do believe there is a lot of truth to that. Yet at the end of the day the bottom line here is that you had the biggest MMA company in the world unable to sign the biggest free agent in the sport on multiple occasions.

The UFC president made a shocking revelation a year ago about his last attempt to sign Fedor. According to White he had Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar signed and ready to go until Fedor’s father passed away. White also praised Fedor publicly for the first time that I can ever remember.

“Fedor is one of the greatest heavyweights ever. Greatest MMA fighters of all time? You’re out of your minds” A nice compliment but a little too late according to the former Pride champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Fedor was also asked who he would have liked to fight in the UFC. Fedor doesn’t give an answer and says he is retired so he doesn’t think about fighting. He does say that he likes Cain Velasquez. He predicted Velasquez over Junior Dos Santos this weekend. He likes Velasquez’s ability to transition and thinks that gives Cain an advantage.

Fedor vs. Cain anyone? Yes please.

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  1. This continues to be a non story. Fedor had many chances to sign, and for good money and ppv %. Business is not always friendly, so insults aside, it was ultimately Fedor who refused to sign. This is not a money issue nor is it a Dana issue. This is purely and simply a 'FEDOR' issue….

  2. insults or not he was offered enough money to put aside any personal grudge he had against white. he chose not go against the best and is using that as an excuse to justify his refusal to do so. there is no way you will convince me other wise, him against Lesnar would have broken all records but his refusal to make the deal proves to me anyway he did not have what it takes to be considered the best. as long as White is paying these guys the money he is he can say whatever he wants about them.


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