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Fearless NFL 2009 Season Predicitions – AFC

Peyton Manning and Tom BradyOk football fans, I gave you all a few days to digest my 2009 NFC football picks. So now “The Shark” will take on the AFC with more fearless predicitions!

AFC East: Patriots

Some new and exciting things coming to the east this year. Rex Ryan to New York, a feeling of passion in Miami, and some guy named Owens in Buffalo. Ok simply put that all this flash is fine and dandy, but the Jets will be turning to a rookie QB in Mark Sanchez, and Ryans new defensive scheme will take time to learn, the Jets will only be as strong as the running game allows them to be. The Dolphins will see a much tougher schedule this year, and I fail to see the big personel moves that they have made to be more competitive. Buffalo looks great on paper. The addition of Terrell Owens makes this one of the best WR groups in the league, but mid season was a bomb on all sides last year, and it makes the Bills stand as a huge question mark!

Why the Patriots?
Anytime you can get Tom Brady on the field you have to like that teams chances. Randy Moss, Wes Welker and now Joey Galloway will all be there to bring speed and excitement to an explosive offense. On the defense its a plug in system, one guy goes, one guy fits right in. Tedy Bruschi may have retired, but this team has its leaders. Getting back to a 11 or 12 win season should be money for this bunch!

1. Patriots
2. Bills
3. Dolphins
4. Jets

AFC North: Ravens

Ha! That’s right, the Ravens. So what if Pittsburgh is your defending champs. Big Ben has made it an off-season of torture behind legal allegations and injuries. This team on offense made no big splashes and returns its questionable run game with the slowly fading Willie Parker. The defense will be the defense, but it won’t be quite enough. Cleveland and Cincy are in a neat looking battle for last place. I’d be shocked to see either one of these 2 teams make a move. The Bengals can’t seem to get Carson Palmer on the field, and the Browns seem to have no idea as to who they will put on the field?

Why the Ravens?
Well plenty for me. John Harbaugh appears to be a quality NFL head coach. He seems to have a way with this team and they look tough as always. RBs Ray Rice, Le’Ron McClain and Willis McGahee make this team one of the better three headed monsters in football. QB Joe Flacco is tall and tough in that pocket and if he shows what he did as a rookie last year, this team is in good hands. The Ravens, of course, always bring the defense, so that is a no-brainer. Lots of the talent is still there, which is scary for the rest of the league. If all goes as planned this team should take 10 or 11 wins right into the playoffs.

1. Ravens
2. Steelers
3. Browns
4. Bengals

AFC South: Texans

Who is ready to have a good laugh? Who is ready to just burst into tears of laughter? Not me, and you will see it here first! Yes the Colts, Titans, and Jags all play here too, but as you will see its all not gold. The Colts bring in a new head coach, new coordinators, have lost Marvin Harrison, don’t know when Bob Sanders will play, and have had some injuries on the defense. Yes Peyton is still the best, but with so many big changes it’s going to be a tough season for this team to run the table. Also the running game is a bit of a mess, I know I may get burned but it’s not the year for the Colts to win this division. The Titans took a big blow in losing Albert Haynesworth and return with yet another mediocre group of receivers despite signing Nate Washington. The RBs look great but I have a feeling that 9 wins is a stretch. You don’t have to worry about the rebuilding Jags. Yes MJD takes over the backfield, but is he durable enough to not only carry the heavy load, but this whole offense on his back?

Why (oh why) the Texans:

Lets get real here, and be serious and open-minded. Coach Gary Kubiak has been with winners. He was in Denver back in the Elway days and knows how to run an offense. So what does he have to work with? Well only arguably the best WR in football in Andre Johnson, one of the most exciting new RBs in Steve Slaton, a QB in Matt Schaub that he saved from Atlanta and a cast that is improving. The Texans are fielding perhaps their best O-Line in franchse history, and supporters like Owen Daniles and Kevin Walter are hitting stride. Defense? I know you are all wondering, but Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye are anchoring a much improved D-Line and DeMarco Ryans is the best MLB that no one has heard of. The secondary is a bit suspect, but the QB pressure should ease that a bit. The Titans did it last year, so I encourage you all to keep one eye on the 10-6 maybe even 11-5 Texans. It has to happen sometime, and I believe this is the BEST Texans club in their brief history!

1. Texans
2. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jaguars

AFC West: Chargers

Remember the old movie, “How the west was won”? It’s very simple Norv Turner, all you have to do is show up! One team has the talent and the moxy. Its like an up and coming community, one beautiful house stands out while the rest are being built and not quite ready to be wowed over. The Broncos have a new coach and a new system, new RBs, a new QB, and a very angry superstar at WR. There is no team unity, very little respect for this coach and it spells disaster. The only bright spots look to be rookie Knowshon Moreno and the suddenly revamped Correll Buckhalter. The defense that was awful last year has done little to improve. Oakland seems on the right track. New coach Tom Cable is tough and is building a speedy offense with some young guns. On defense some names have moved on, so it remains to be seen what they get from this bunch. The Chiefs will not be as awful as last year, but they continue to build. They have nice pieces but not yet a nice whole.

Why the Chargers?
This is the easiest why not ever! Phillip Rivers proved last year that he’s ready to be a leader. Despite an alleged cocky attitude his team now believes in him. The WRs are no longer whos? but whens! L.T. has the help he now needs in Darren Sproles to help keep him healthier and take less of a pounding. The defense welcomes back Shawn Merriman,YEAH try making this guy mad, he’s ready to prove he’s back in healthy form and this team carries a ball-hungry secondary. Not alot smells bad here, and this team can very well be the AFCs Super Bowl representitive. I find it hard to believe even Norv Turner can mess this one up. Expect 12 to 13 wins for the Super-Chargers!

1. Chargers
2. Raiders
3. Broncos
4. Chiefs

Read on and nod your heads about how great this looks. Look like a football god to your buddies! Next we will look at player predictions and Super Bowl teams!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at [email protected]

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