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Father Mourns The Loss of Son Killed In Shelling on Ukraine Football Field

There happens to be eye contact between the physicians as they leave the operation room. Their hands are all up. Another sighs and slumps over in defeat. In response to this, the dad who had been standing at the entrance weeps and backs away, a howl threatening to break out of his mouth.

Iliya, the 16-year-old kid of Serhii, is lying motionless on the floor, covered in blood-stained sheets. Serhii collapses on the ground, cradling Iliya’s dead body and writhing in agony. Amid the Russian assault on Ukraine, Iliya was playing football in Mariupol when the bombardment began. A football field close to a school in Azov Sea city was struck by the bomb.

On the fringes of Mariupol, fierce combat continued on Thursday as doctors gathered in a car park and were lighted by artillery. As a result of the conflict, the city was thrown into obscurity, and the threat of water and food shortages was raised.

In the absence of phone lines, doctors had no idea where to transport the injured. In another area, an ambulance staff saw an injured lady being taken down a staircase and transferred into an emergency vehicle, her hands trembling violently as they were done so. Ukraine’s GDP would be crippled if its accessibility to the Azov, and Black Seas were cut off. Russia might potentially develop a land route to Crimea, which it took over in 2014.

In recent days, President Vladimir Putin’s troops have unleashed ballistic missiles including cannon raids on towns and other locations throughout the nation, gaining substantial ground in the south, as well. At least 280,000 residents of Kherson, an important Black Shipping port located in the south of Ukraine, have been taken by the army and native Ukrainian authorities have verified that they have taken over the city’s administrative buildings.

In the wake of a nighttime fire, which Ukraine blames on Russian bombardment, the administration in Kyiv has claimed Russian soldiers have taken Europe’s biggest nuclear power facility.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear station’s safety processes were being monitored by plant workers, according to Ukraine’s nuclear authority. Emergency services informed that a small fire that broke out in the practice facility at the plant has been put out. As the Russians continue their assault on Mariupol, the Ukrainian military’s senior command issued a statement saying that the Russians are focusing their efforts around Kyiv.

A Russian attack force is expected to arrive near Odesa, according to the statement.

Russia’s senate will be in a meeting on Friday, in addition to the Federation Council scheduled to discuss the crisis in Ukraine.



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