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Fast X Director Justin Lin Quits Due to Vin Diesel’s On-Set Behavior

This will be a big loss for the franchise.

Vin Diesel is being blamed, again, for his behavior with the crew of the Fast and Furious franchise. After the exit of Dwayne Johnson due to a verbal argument between him and Diesel, now Justin Lin, the supposed director of the 10th Fast and Furious movie has left the director’s seat as well.

Justin quit the director’s seat just a week after the filming for Fast X began. Earlier, it was reported that Justin quit his seat without any explanations, however, a real reason might have come into broad daylight now and the reason is being called Vin Diesel and his on-set behavior.

Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is Justin Lin?

Justin is an American film director despite being born in Taiwan. He is popularly known for his work in 2002’s “Better Luck Tomorrow”, 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond”, the second season of ‘True Detective” and the Fast and Furious franchise.

Lin has been a big part of the franchise for over 15 long years. He started with “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” which was one of the fan favorites of the saga and then continued to direct the next three installments of the franchise as well.

He then returned in 2021 to direct F9 and was also a part of the screenwriters and story writers. He has been credited for revitalizing the franchise with the highly popular “Fast Five”. Justin was also going to direct the last two films of the franchise before his exit.

Justin’s Departure

On April 26, Justin released a statement that was posted on the official Twitter account of the franchise where he said: “With the support of Universal, I have made the difficult decision to step back as director of Fast X while remaining with the project as a producer.”

Reason for Justin’s Exit

The latest report by the New York Daily has claimed that Lin’s departure was caused by Vin’s behavior on the set. An unnamed source said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Lin’s giving up $10 or $20 million. Diesel shows up late to the set. He doesn’t know his lines. And he shows up out of shape.”

This is not the first time Vin has been called out for his behavior. Six years ago, Dwayne called out some males of the franchise for their poor behavior. Then recently, Diesel took to social media to persuade Dwayne to return for the 10th movie which was completely rejected by Dwayne.

Dwayne claimed that Vin was trying to manipulate everyone by using both his children and the death of Paul Walker as an excuse to ask Dwayne to return. After Justin’s departure, Universal reportedly hired Louis Leterrier to direct Fast X.

Louis is known for his work in “Now You See Me”, “Transporter”, and “The Incredible Hulk”. It would be interesting to see the direction in which the next movie will go.



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