Inside The Wheelhouse: You pulled a fast one Lane Kiffin!


Lane KiffinWhen news broke on Tuesday night that Lane Kiffin would be leaving the University of Tennessee for the University of Southern California to become the new head coach there, only one thing ran through my head right away, wow Al Davis was right. This was the same Lane Kiffin that 14 months ago was passing his kool-aid to everyone at the University of Tennessee that he was going to turn the program around and more importantly beat the might Florida Gators. Now 14 months he, as Dennis Green would probably say, “is what we thought he was.”

Lane Kiffin is a coming off like one of the biggest d-bags in College Football history right now. While some would argue that title is held by Tim Tebow, it has now been passed to the new head coach of USC. Not only is Lane Kiffin taking his uber-hot wife Layla with him, but he’s “bringing the band back together” at USC by brining his father and top recruiter to USC. Not to mention the rumor that Norm Chow would be leaving UCLA to become the Offensive Coordinator in LA once again. “The band” is getting back together. But like many incarnations of the nWo, this has doomed written all over it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Seriously why do these huge college football programs love the fact that they had/will be having Lane Kiffin as their head coach? The guy had a horrible head coaching record with the Oakland Raiders in the NFL and led the Tennessee Volunteers to a 7-6 record this season in College Football. Nothing screams to me that this guy is a genius. Kiffin is getting hired to these big time programs while small school coaches are fighting for the chance to prove that they can coach at a big time school.

Now back to Al Davis. The same crypt keeper who has all but killed the Oakland Raiders with his “amazing” management skills as an owner! JaMarcus Russell is tearing up the NFL, the Raiders once again made the playoffs and this was all in my Madden NFL 10 video game. Real life is a whole different story as they have made the Oakland Athletics the team of the town right now.

This same Al Davis who has given his touch of death to entire franchise because he still thinks it’s 1970 and John Madden is roaming his sidelines as head coach. No Al, that fat man coaching your team is Tom Cable. Let’s not forget what Al Davis said when he was writing up Lane Kiffin’s resignation letter for him back in 2008.

He called Lane Kiffin a liar and kudos to you Al Davis, you were exactly right. He made an entire Football program, a program that has given us the likes of Peyton Manning, believe that he was the guy to take them out of the small hole that was dug by the last couple of seasons. He wore the orange tie, had his hot wife go out to the tailgators outside the stadium and preached his word to his players & their faithful that times were A’ changing.

[adinserter block=”2″]Oh they were, they were changing once a job that he wanted hit the table. He signed it quicker then Tiger Woods getting out of his house the early morning of Black Friday. In that moment he made the University of Tennessee nearly riot over his resignation to head to USC. While an ESPN would never show what the fans really thought, “big up’s” to & by keeping me abreast of how happy the Volunteers fans were last night. If they could they would have held Lane Kiffin at ransom from USC.

Lane Kiffin is what is wrong with College Football right now. You take a group of 18-24 men and make them believe in you, your coaches & the program. Once money comes knocking you bolt leaving them behind with most of them feeling betrayed. This may be a reason why College athletes once they enter the NFL holdout for so much cash (*cough* Michael Crabtree *cough*).

An unproven, lying, D-bag of a coach will be taking the reins of the best College Football programs in the United States on Wednesday. If Oakland and Tennessee aren’t enough evidence of what he has done in the past then we will be in form a trip during his time in LA. It will take Lane Kiffin quicker to destroy what Pete Carroll accomplished at USC, then it will for Pete Carroll to destroy everything what Mike Holmgren accomplished in Seattle.

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