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Farewell ECW Arena

ECW ArenaMonday, December 5th, 2011 is a day I won’t soon forget. Two days prior, CZW hosted a highly successful double header; the 2011 Indy Summit & Cage of Death 13. Despite the exhausting hours we all put in leading right up to the opening bells for both events, I found myself still excited about them 48 hours later. We were out to make a statement that weekend & end 2011 with a bang. Our mission was accomplished.

[ad 6]Then, my phone rang around 11PM. I expected the conversation to be pertaining to where we were heading in 2012. The last thing I expected was to hear that we might not be running in the ECW Arena anymore after January due to a change in ownership. I went from being on Cloud 9 to being kicked back down to Earth really fast.

Over the past month, I found myself wondering how myself & so many others have become so attached to this building. It hit me that I started attending shows in the venue in 2002. XPW…3PW…Ring of Honor…Chikara…CZW…all promotions that continued a revolution started in 1993 by ECW in their own unique ways after the demise of extreme in 2001.

Then it hit me like a chair upside the head; I’ve been WORKING in that building since 2008; I’ve been able to do something that many only dream of. I could go on and on about the memories of the past 10 years; from getting into the ring after XPW’s Exit Sandman & being given a beer by the 5 time ECW Champion, the Hardcore Homecoming events, the PWU Commissioner Idol contest, ring announcing the final Velocity Pro show, Legends of the Arena, and working for CZW from 2009 on.

I’ve made great friends, met people I grew up watching, worked truly outstanding events, & continue to learn as much as I can in this insane industry all thanks to the time I’ve spent there. But to say that you helped to put on the final wrestling events in the hallowed halls of that building…that is an honor, albeit a bittersweet one. You hear people call places, “a home away from home”. For many, the ECW Arena has truly been that.

In closing, I just want to take time to give thanks & express my gratitude to some who have helped me on this journey: Tod Gordon, “PrymeTyme” Amy Lee, & Adam Flash for opening the door and all of their advice…Michael Pancoast for for bringing me into the CZW family after I volunteered to stay behind after a Velocity event to give him a hand tearing down when nobody else would…Eric Gargiulo for encouraging me to write and be creative on this site & in wrestling…and the CZW family, namely DJ Hyde & Maven Bentley, for giving me a place to be creative. All I ask is that if you’re a fan of wrestling, you come down one more time this Saturday & help give this building the sendoff it rightfully deserves.

[adinserter block=”1″]”Those hardcore memories last a lifetime.” – Tommy Dreamer

Indeed they do. And indeed they will.

Chris Behringer
Combat Zone Wrestling LLC

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