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Fantasy Island: Tips and advice for the novice up to the expert

Fantasy Football 2009Ok everyone, so August is here, and with no disrespect to Megan Fox or Sofia Vergara, the word FANTASY takes on a whole new meaning. For this is the time of the year where countless millions will cram themselves into self created war rooms in local bars, halls, house parties and so on.

It is this time of the year when Fantasy Football takes over our lives. Magazines are purchased, websites log-jammed, and TV specials viewed in pursuit of the perfect draft.

For years we have all sat back and said, “Man if I was the G.M. of this team we’d be so good, I’d do this and that.” Fantasy Football is your chance to be that G.M., make the moves, set the line-ups, prove your ability to run a team. From round 1 til round 15 (or however long your draft goes on) every pick is essential.

[adinserter block=”1″]The game is long past its days of pen pushers looking for an excuse to try and watch football. Big money leagues are everywhere. The publications and the so called”experts”are everywhere. Draft kits, cheat sheets, tournaments and the like are just a part of a regular football season now-a-days.

So over the next few weeks several of my co-horts here at, as well as websites everywhere, will be offering thier advise. Make no mistake, my picks will also show thier face, BUT before any of that takes place, some very simple lessons in some ideas and some protocals to follow on your draft day.

1. Bring your own magazines, player list, pens, paper etc.
Nothing can be a bigger draft day drag then having to be the leagues”Office Max”. It’s very simple to acquire these items from any type of store carrying magazines and such. Let’s face it, if you’re going to pay hundreds to join a league get up the 20 for supplies!

2. Come ready to follow and pay attention.
Every year some clown is asking about the availability of a guy like Peyton Manning in the 8th round. It’s as simple as to just check off players as they are picked, and pay attention to your surroundings. The sound of “he’s already been taken” is like nails on a chalkboard after a while.

3. Asking others who they like is a no-no!
Can you just imagine the NFL draft in New York on a crisp April day, and one teams G.M. turns to another and says, “Hey what do you think of this WR from Alabama?” Everyone please have the sense to realize you are all in it for the same reason, to WIN it. Sure we all want to look like gurus, but if half of your picks come from the soon to be angry buddy next to you, do you really look that smart ?

4. Let’s not be cheap here
Draft parties have all kind of varieties. I’ve been to all types. Private rooms at bars, house parties, backyard BBQs,drafts with girls hopping around for entertainment and so on. These events are not cheap. Food and drink and draft kits are all part of the event, so when your league commisioner comes at you for your share, be fair and realize the 3 burgers, 100 wings, and case of beer you indulged in did not come for free.

5. Make sure you make copies
At most drafts the commisioner will ask you to write down your picks on a list for his reference. It’s a no-brainer to keep your writing neat, use first and last names of players and of course make a copy so you have it handy.

6. Don’t become a trend follower
Too many times in the drafts one guy will decide its time for a new position to make an appearance. With that everyone tends to look in fear thinking they HAVE to do the same. Just be cool and calm and make sure you get the player you know you want. Too many times people are caught board chasing and miss the guy they really want. Feel free to be the trend setter!

7. Bye weeks, Bye weeks, Bye weeks
Very hard to follow given that sometimes 2 or 3 guys you are really burning for have the same bye week. If you choose to take all these guys you had better be sure to pack yourself with an excellent bench. Also there is little sense in picking 2 QBs or defenses that have the same bye week, logically you have just cost yourself free agent money before the season has even begun.

8. Kicking yourself?
Never feel that you need the best kicker in the draft. Every year the top kicker and the bottom kickers are usually seperated by an average of 2 to 3 points per game. It is not essential to grab a kicker in say, round 9, while others are taking share-time RBs. There will be plenty of time at the end to take a guy that will get you a fair share of points every week from the kickers position.

9. Picking with your heart can break your heart.
I always see the guy who wants his player from his team. Alot of times he will take him a round early just to make sure he gets him. Being from Philly and loving the Eagles as we do, it is always common to see Donovan McNabb in round 2 and the likes of Kevin Curtis in round 3. Ok so that is all well and good, but if you leave a Greg Jennings on the board just to get your Eagle, you’ll be sorry in the long run.

[adinserter block=”2″]10. Just have fun
This is the most important lesson that you never see from the so-called experts and gurus. Yes today we play for trophies, pride, money, etc. but these guys are your friends, treat them like it. Have your food and drinks, make your picks, have some laughs, but never ever hold a draft day argument or fight over a comment or miscommunication. Every problem is easily fixed. If you don’t like the looks of your team you can blame nobody but yourself ( neat concept huh ).

Ok so today I have taught you all the proper functions of a draft. In the days ahead I will be teaching you WHO to draft. Also we love feed back here. So if you’d like to share some great ideas as to places to hold drafts, best draft kits, good draft day stories and such we would love to hear from you!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at



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