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Fantasy Football Week 5 Buy And Sell: Bi-Weekly Stock Report

Ryan MathewsHere I am again, amongst the noise and wild action at the “stock market”. Players names and stats are being thrown around, Fantasy owners are adding and cutting, sweating and perhaps even thinking too hard. Some owners are waiting around for a quality name to be let go that can maybe help their team. It goes on and on, the days are busy here. I do, however always keep one eye out the window to make sure no owners jumps off that roof! It’s a tough business, and it seems to get tougher every year.

So here I am to be your personal “stock broker” so to speak and try and help you with big fantasy decisions. Even my record isn’t perfect, and I have done some buying and selling. Some of it has been real good, like the Alfred Morris stock that I snagged off of the wire and have used for big dividends, but there is also the Marques Colston stock, yep 3 weeks in my line up only to sit him this week for his huge break out game. Tough business! Don’t ever be too proud to get as much advice as possible.

I do have to make a claim. Some of us, like myself and others go through great lengths to help others with Fantasy Football advice. When we are right people pat us on the back and say “Hey, good call”, but when we are wrong, well let’s just say some of you are not very fair. I have never gotten the hard way, but I saw several NFL “experts” on Twitter last night getting hammered by fans for their advice.

[adinserter block=”2″]Hey, let’s try and keep it clean. We are all in the same business when it gets right down to it. No, I don’t make big money like a Matthew Berry or a Jay Glazer, but even so, that gives no one a right to say things like they say across world-wide media. That being said, listen to me, not them, I’m still your favorite genius!

With that out of the way I bring you the Bi-Weekly Stock Report for NFL Week 5. Read on and pay attention. As I always say, a sell today could very well be a buy the next time we meet here. Always changes, like I said it’s a tough business.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys: Sell! Yep sell,sell,sell! His offense is ice cold, his offensive line is in shambles and the running game is very average. If you paid attention on Monday night, you would have noticed he threw more TDs to Bears players than to his own. Kyle Orton had a better night with the second team. His yardage is decent, but right now that’s all he has.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Buffalo Bills: Buy! Well that is at least if your league does not deduct for INTs. Fitz has done a great job getting TDs and is playing his best football yet. Yes he does turn the ball over but that is not always taken away depending on scoring. This week he plays in San Francisco, so even if you buy, don’t bring him home to show the wife and kids quite yet.

Brian Hartline, WR, Miami Dolphins: Buy! But follow this closely. Davone Bess is really the best WR here, but Hartline and his huge week last week make him valuable right now. So my advice, buy him, let him have another good week like last week, then sell him off! He has never been very consistent, and with a healthy Reggie Bush and Bess here, he won’t so this every week. Someone in your league has too many RBs and will kill for quick relief at WR.

Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans: Buy! Yep that’s right, buy! I know you all may be scratching your heads, but let’s face it, he gets a lot more action with Matt Hasselbeck at QB. Johnson had a big week last week, and that could continue here as long as they have a veteran QB that can beat you with his arm. Jake Locker is not that guy. So if you own CJ and benched him, you may want to start him if it comes up. It’s just a hunch.

Brent Celek, TE, Philadelphia Eagles: Sell! What looked like a good addition a few weeks ago has turned into an enigma. QB Michael Vick uses him for short stuff and mostly when a play is totally broken. Also he has yet to score a TD, not like the Celek of a year or 2 ago.

Andre Brown, RB, New York Giants: Sell! We all like to be the guy that found the guy that turned out to be that guy. Brown is not it. With Ahmad Bradshaw back in the mix, Brown will see less action, and they did use a first-round pick on David Wilson. It was cute for a week, but it’s time to move on.

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals: Buy! While I am not sold on the Arizona Cardinals craze, I will say that QB Kevin Kolb has at least learned to throw it Fitzgeralds way and let him create. A TD in each of his last 2 games is a huge plus. Many rely on him, and it may be time to make him a regular again.

DeMarco Murray, RB, Dallas Cowboys: Sell! Sell everything Cowboys while you can. The offense is averaging less than 15 points per week. That’s just awful!

Ryan Matthews, RB, San Diego Chargers: Sell! Try and sell at a decent price, but sell. His injury in the preseason seems to still have him slowed, and he has a similar problem to last year with a bigger back doing good things in the offense. RB Jackie Battle had a real big week in week 4 as Matthews did little sprinkles of work to relieve him. Coach Norv Turner knows he needs to win this year, so if it works he won’t try and fix it, so using Matthews could be a bad idea for Fantasy owners.

Brandon Marshall, WR, Chicago Bears: Buy! Monday night’s game is proof he can get it done. Plus we have a Marshall who is running hard, smiling wide and enjoying his new team. QB Jay Cutler may be hard to trust, but either way he seems to know he has to force the ball Marshall’s way. It looks great when it works.

Detroit Lions defense: Sell! If you are waiting for a change in momentum, it won’t happen. The secondary is a mess, and they can’t even get a sack lunch let alone sack a QB. This squad is terrible, so cut them loose and let them sail away.

Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders: Buy! Yep I know it is a very patient decision, but still stick with him. His numbers have struggled, but he is still learning his new blocking scheme, and with the offense doing this poorly they have to realize soon enough that he needs the ball a lot.

Torrey Smith, WR, Baltimore Ravens: Buy! The most athletic and talented WR in an offense that has become pass heavy is a great asset. I know he is not free in any league, but he could be a nice addition in a trade, or if you have him be a guy you should use.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: Sell! Why sell? Well we all know Bowe can put up the numbers and is a good WR, but at the rate the Chiefs are losing we may see a change at QB very soon. Who is the backup QB you may ask? Brady Quinn. Act like you never read this and don’t know it, trade Bowe for a quality WR or RB while you can before your counterparts learn of this potential disaster. It will be a shame because he is really good, but the change can be dreadful.

Greg Little, WR, Cleveland Browns: Buy! You can get him real cheap, in fact waiver wire cheap in most leagues. The Browns love what he has, size, speed and can make big catches. His main drawback is the big drops! QB Brandon Weeden is learning the pro game and the Browns have shown signs of improvement and with that Little can be used more. Grab him off the wire and keep an eye on him. It could pay off.

Brandon Bolden, RB, New England Patriots: Sell! Oh people, please! So many of you have run out and grabbed him like a Furby or a Tickle Me Elmo at Christmas time, but this just in, he will have that same value as those toys. Stevan Ridley is still the top ball carrier, and they also have Danny Woodhead who loves to hawk touches. The team is also usually very pass happy, that won’t change. What happened last week against Buffalo is more exception than rule, trust me! If you grabbed him find a trade partner quick!

James Jones, WR, Green Bay Packers: Buy! Jordy Nelson continues to look like a flash in the pan, Greg Jennings is having a hard time staying healthy, and Donald Driver is really a public relations keep anymore. Oh, and did I mention Randall Cobb? Yeah how was that craze? Jones is a good WR who has been pushed behind just about everyone on this team, but I think after last week’s 2 TD effort, he may be ready for a break out.

[adinserter block=”1″]Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons: Buy! The hype behind Julio Jones seems to be going wild, and defenses across the league seem to be buying it. Jones did almost nothing last week as Atlanta survived the Panthers, meanwhile White was explosive. Nothing has changed, White still has tons of talent and now with the Jones hype and the play of QB Matt Ryan, he may be better than ever. If you have him roll with him, if you are looking to make a deal, try and grab him. White is doing his usual thing out there. Jones owners don’t need to panic as it will benefit him soon enough too.

So here is the latest from the “stock market”. Keep an eye on your prizes, and don’t sleep on potential moves. I will be back with more stock report in 2 weeks. If it changes something awful by then, you can send me some hate mail, I’m pretty thick skinned. It’s a tough business.

I have now joined Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

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